• Positive wallet.
  • No kill rights.
  • Currently docked at Jita 4-4 / In NPC Corp.
  • +4 Implants.
  • 3 Bonus remaps.

120b or nearest offer.

CCP rules apply.

95b offer


ofr 102B

I’ll take 110b.

Based on historical transactions, I think 102B is a nice offer, ISK is ready, expect you to accept the offer.

105b would be extraction value though.

Offer of 102b by LiuFeng accepted, send isk and account name.

Fine, I just got off work, I will send isk and account as soon as possible.

No rush ive just started work so out for the next 8 hours.

Isk transferred and the account name was sent via in-game email.

Isk recieved character transferred ty.

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