Jita Holding Inc. recruiting for hi-sec pvp

Well, we finaly back to camp Jita and Amarr, so we’re looking for pilots with pvp expirience.
What can we offer:

  • Camping Jita 4-4, amarr trade hub;
  • Hunting carebeares in systems with agents;
  • Citadel shooting/defending;
  • TS server
    Ex-members of Marmite collective, RIOT, Whores in space, Space warriors and piRAT are welcome
  • omega statas (2+ toons more than welcome);
  • possibility to use microphone and TeamSpeak;
  • stable online.
    Be ready to permanent war with piRAT alliance.

Our killboard: https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99005382/

Convo Doctor per for details (Russian/English).

We are russians atm, but interested in creating english speaking squad now


I am considering applying for your alliance as mine is dying. Would you mind explaining why you lose so many ships though?



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