Who we are:

Dead Star Syndicate is an established USTZ high class WH Corp residing in a C4. Our main focus is small to medium gang combat/PVP, fun and laughs. Our Corporation has been established and active for more than 5 years. -DSYN is known for it’s honor, brotherhood and loyalty. We are looking to take on a few new members to bolster our ranks and have some fun.

DSYN April Recap

What we need:

  • Working mic and access to Teamspeak.
  • Omega Clone Status
  • Be able to fly at least one of the following ships: Guardian, T3C, or AHAC
  • PVP oriented. We spend plenty of time making ISK, but we want pvp to be a main focal point of the applicant.
  • Be open minded and have a sense of humor! We want engaged pilots that will grow to be an active part of our fun community.
  • WH experience is preferred. You don’t need to be an expert but at least have a good understanding of basic wormhole mechanics.

*We will consider newer players if they are hungry to help find content. You need to be trainable and coachable.

What we offer:

  • Reliable Comms, Tripwire access and out of game communication to keep in touch.
  • Space City to store your gear.
  • PVP content from small cloaky gangs to larger capital fights down to NS roams linking Ric Flair mems.
  • ISK making opportunities. #NOPOORS
  • Fun and lighthearted atmosphere with a strong Corp Leadership.

Interested in flying under our banner? Join “✘ Pub Chat” (with the symbol included in game) or shoot me a mail to have a chat.

Still Looking for some cool peeps to join the ranks…

started from the bottom now were here?


WH space is spinning up looking for people to enjoy the content with us.

woo what a week for WH space still looking for good USTZ folks

looking for more good people to come have fun.

hope everyone is well and staying healthy, we are still looking for some good folks to join.

hope everyone is doing well today.

entering the weekend and looking for some dudes come have a chat.

had a great weekend, some good fights. stop by pub chat and see whats up.

Friendly Bump

up up and away whip

had a fun day yesterday come join us.

Sunday night fights are looking good!

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy

Happy Thursday!

Lets hope for a busy weekend in j-space come join us and have fun!

^great FC

Back to recruiting we go!