Join -DSYN, the only C6 PVP Corporation

***EDIT looking for 1 or 2 more folks

Who we are:

Dead Star Syndicate is an established USTZ high class WH Corp residing in a C6 Wolf Rayet system. Our main focus is small to medium gang combat/PVP, fun and laughs. Our Corporation has been established and active for more than 5 years. -DSYN is known for it’s honor, brotherhood and loyalty. We are looking to take on a few new members to bolster our ranks and have some fun.

Some cool fights we’ve had recently.

What we need:

  • Working mic and access to Teamspeak.
  • Omega Clone Status
  • Be able to fly at least one of the following ships: Guardian, T3C, or AHAC
  • PVP oriented. We spend plenty of time making ISK, but we want pvp to be a main focal point of the applicant.
  • Be open minded and have a sense of humor! We want engaged pilots that will grow to be an active part of our fun community.
  • WH experience is preferred. You don’t need to be an expert but at least have a good understanding of basic wormhole mechanics.

*We will consider newer players if they are hungry to help find content. You need to be trainable and coachable.

What we offer:

  • Reliable Comms, Tripwire access and out of game communication to keep in touch.
  • Space City to store your gear.
  • PVP content from small cloaky gangs to larger capital fights down to NS roams linking Ric Flair mems.
  • ISK making opportunities. #NOPOORS
  • Fun and lighthearted atmosphere with a strong Corp Leadership.

Interested in flying under our banner? Join “✘ Pub Chat” (with the symbol included in game) or shoot me a mail to have a chat.



Still Looking for USTZ blood thirsty pvpers!

Have a few good applicants looking for a few more.

Winter is coming, join us for dank frags

Best group of semi competent pilots I ever did see!

Check us out if you like to REEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

come join us for the reeeeeee!

Got some new guys coming on board soon still looking for a few more!

Up we go had a few new recruits join looking for a few more.

Winter is here come join us and enjoy the busy season.

Had a good fight last night come join us to see what those are all about.

stop by our pub chat and have a chat!

up we go!

Happy Sunday fun day!

looking for 1 or two more folks

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