Join Securitech Industries - Your Path to Prosperity in Nullsec!

:rocket: Join Securitech Industries - Forge Your Future with Us! :rocket:

*Are you ready to embark on a journey of wealth creation and camaraderie? Look no further! Join Securitech Industries, where making ISK is not just a goal – it’s a way of life.

:star2: Why Choose Securitech Industries? :star2:

:sparkles: Experienced Leadership: Our dedicated CEO, with 11 months of active leadership, ensures a stable and supportive environment.

:sparkles: Mature and Respectful Community: We value manners, cooperation, and zero tolerance for bigotry, drama, or rudeness.

:sparkles: Abundant Resources: Our extensive Blueprint Original library is worth tens of billions of ISK and keeps growing.

:sparkles: ISK-Making Experts: We excel at generating ISK through various activities, ensuring your wallet stays healthy.

:milky_way: Diverse Opportunities Await:

:hammer_and_wrench: Industry: Contribute to our manufacturing and research goals while reaping the rewards.

:moneybag: Mining: Explore the rich resources of New Eden alongside your fellow members.

:rocket: PvE: Join us in running missions and running homefront ops to print ISK and improve our standings with New Eden’s trade hubs.

:fire: PvP: Stand shoulder to shoulder with allies, defending our assets and conquering our rivals.

:man_astronaut: Newbie Friendly: We welcome players of all experience levels, including newbies. Skill plans and fits are available to help you kickstart your EVE journey with us.

Click here to join our Discord | In-Game Channel: Securitech Public

Forge your future with Securitech Industries – where making ISK is not just a goal, it’s a lifestyle.

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good group of guys to fly with and we definitely will not steal your jello out of the fridge


I started playing EVE a while ago and then had a 12 year break. I’ve been flying with Securitech for a few months now, great people to fly with and a great corp culture. Heaps people to give advice to newbies and not so newbies. Ability to do almost everything anyone wants to do in EVE from mining to PVP. Lots of group fleets for most time zones. Come join the fun and make good ISK


I started EvE bald, lonely and afraid…now that I’m apart of this corp with the guidance of Booz and the rest of the crew i have now grown a full beard and have gotten taller by a few inches…my wife has also commented that i now last a lot longer…in various things…cough. Im still bald but fearless hopefully within a few more weeks being with the corp my hair will grow back and i can finally have get that mullet


Literally just randomly decided to play one day, finished the agent mission and the CEO came and invited me to the corp…absolutely nothing but good things to say taught me so much in a short amount of time got to be in an alliance with 24/7 activity and learn opportunities. These guys really know what they are doing and even if you can even find the menu button they will guide you into whatever you want to master 100 percent recommend at least trying them out if your a new or old bro


Thank you guys for your kind words :slight_smile: and Mingmei who knows, maybe CCP will add a cosmetic so you can become the first female capsuleer to sport a majestic space mullet!

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I joined this corp when it was a different corp. Marati Money Makers. All I wanted to do is make isk and thats what MMM did. I have noticed that the CEO Boozbaz is the most involved CEO I have ever played under since 2008. Dont get me wrong, other CEOs have been great, but Booz is not afraid to try new things that I have never seen others try. He did 100% of the recruiting, fleets, training for 6 months and did a great job. If you want an active corp with great leadership, this would be the one.


Securitech has been a great organization to be apart of for me. Plenty of engagement and teamwork throughout the corporation. Since joining I’ve seen new, veteran, and returning players thrive making tons of ISK and having fun at the same time. 10/10 would recommend!


Been with this corp for 6 months now, back when it was under another name of Matari Money Makers. I had come back to the game after half a year and couldn’t figure out what path to take or where to even start, eventually stumbling onto this corp and tested the waters with these guys. Been with em ever since!
The environment has always been positive, Solid advice and guidance from the veterans and fleets you can join to help you on your endeavors.


Came back to Eve after many years looking for a group of people to hang out with and have a good time. This corp has been it for me! Friendly to players new and old, willing to help, willing to teach, and most importantly of all, willing to go out and have some fun!


If there was a Yelp for corps, I’d give ours 5 stars. I’m new to the corp but so far it has been great!

Bump! Still recruiting!

One of my favourites corp to fly with, good oppurtunities for new players to learn and experienced players to get content and ISKies!

Primarily operating in nullsec opportunities for aspiring industrialists abound, with distance from market systems comes increased preferability and convinience of local production.

Being in a nullsec pipe PVP oppurtunities abound also!

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Bump! Still recruiting!

Hey my name is kanelorey, i have been apart of this corp for a few months now, I was apart of Matari Money Makers and for the transition to Securitech Industries, been playing for just under a year and i feel like i have found one of the absolute best groups of people in the game that makes me want to play every day! the discord is always lively with good laughs its a great time every day that I play, been really stoked on being apart of this corp. if you wanna get to know some really fun people and be apart of somthing bigger i think this would be it. We all help each other out and bring good opportunities for content for all types of players. We would love for you to join us on our journey and to grow to become the best corp we can. PS. you wont regret it!

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Bump, still recruiting!