Join the Intaki Liberation Front [ILF]

At 12 years old, the Intaki Liberation Front is a long standing corporation based in Intaki, lowsec Placid.

We’re well known within the roleplay community, and now, after a quiet period, we’re looking to rebuild the corp from the ground up. I think of it as our very own ‘Intaki Rebirth’.

We have a relaxed approach, and offer a mature, fun environment for Alphas, newbies and veterans alike. And, regardless of our Intaki theme, players with non-Intaki characters are very welcome!

Our core activities are:

  • PvP
  • PvE
  • Lowsec Trading from our very own Intaki V-5 Trade Hub (see below)

While we’re primarily based in lowsec Placid, because we tend to focus on specific NPC corps for our mission running, we’re happy for our people to spend short periods of time away from home in highsec too. We don’t expect our people to be locked down to a small area of New Eden.

We’re also dipping our toe into nearby Syndicate, where we fleet up with blues for small gang nullsec PvP and burner missions.

And, we do all of the above, and more, all with a light touch of Intaki-themed roleplay.

We believe the Intaki lore is some of the most interesting, overlapping with that of the Gallente Federation and Caldari State, and it’s prompted some great content between us and FW players, lowsec pirates, and others across EVE.

To learn more about the Intaki Liberation Front, and our alliance, the Intaki Prosperity Initiative, visit our website (you should check it out, we’re very proud of it).

If you’re curious, connect to our OOC channel ‘Intaki OOC’ or send a mail to Bataav ingame.

And to finish, here is our Intaki V-5 Trade Hub Commercial:


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Join the Intaki Liberation Front, and be part of the next news story!

There was a time when the ILF’s activities would catch the attention of the ingame media, and our name would appear in the ingame news headlines.

I listed all of the articles that featured the ILF in one post, as part of a wider Intaki Lore compilation thread. You can find them here.

We were also name dropped in the ticker of a Scope News broadcast in YC117 (2015), which was unexpected and pretty cool:

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The Intaki Liberation Front is still recruiting solo, micro- and small-gang PvPers in lowsec Placid!

Connect to our OOC channel ‘Intaki OOC’ or send a mail to Bataav ingame to find out more!

The Intaki LIberation Front is still recruiting!

We’re open to new players, first time lowseccers, as well as veterans looking for something a little different.

We’ve recently been welcoming former corpmates back into the fold, after they’d returned to New Eden after long breaks, as well as some brand new players.

There’s a good spread of timezones in play, but the late-EU/US TZ seems to be coming out on top for us now.

Connect to our OOC channel ‘Intaki OOC’ or send a mail to Bataav ingame to find out more!

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F. Jurante submitting application to ILF. Returning to capsuleerdom after a long hiatus. Glad to see you still at it Bataav.

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o7 Fynai

Thanks for responding. I’ve mailed you ingame.


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The ILF has been around for over ten years and we’re still going strong. Check us out ingame at FreeIntaki channel.

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Nice to see the core of ILF is alive and well representing its role for freedom and self determination.

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Still recruiting?
I’m a returned newb, bored of the highsec bull**** that my current friends are doing.
Will message recruiters later (when I’m not stuck in the office).

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o7 @Opho

@Else_Utama Yes, we are. I look forward to catching up with you later.

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The ILF has a great history, great story and great community. Join us now.

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