Join The New Federation - Specializing in Returning Players

Hey guys …what timezone?

I’d be interested depending on Timezone. Should I join the Discord to get details?

We are in ALL time zones; the Alliance always has someone on! Sorry - been busy with new recruits - don’t miss out!

Still looking for non salty old guys :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome corp if you’re looking for a welcoming, friendly, and content rich organization!

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Let’s keep our corp growing - jump on our discord to learn more about what we offer and get to know us better!

Did I mention we provide free BPC’s of any blueprint in our BPO library for our members’ manufacturing needs?

(Currently, 371 total BPO’s and growing!)

We want you!!

Recruitment is still open! Join the discord and lets chat!

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Can I join?! Thanks!

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Tis a great corp and alliance. Join the Discord for one free meme!!!

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Still looking for new peeps!

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Still looking for non-bitter vets to join our fantastic and rapidly growing corp! All time zones are covered, plenty of great space to live in!

Looking for more peeeps!

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Bump! Need new peeps!

Recruitment is still open!

Bump for a helpful group of pilots. Hope it’s going well :).

Starting recruitment again - if this seems like a great fit - hit us up!

Are you a returning player - come join others who have just gone through all the questions you have! Great people and a great way to play Eve the way it is played best - with others!

Still recruiting - Just had two new recruits join :smiley: - we are growing!