Eve Veterans, Reclaim Your Throne: Join The New Federation for Unmatched Adventure

Join The New Federation: Your Gateway to Adventure in Eve Online!

About Us:

  • Established Legacy: Since 2005, The New Federation (TNF) has thrived in the Eve universe. We’re not just a corporation; we’re a close-knit community celebrating 18 years of adventures.
  • Real Life First: We get it. Life’s busy. That’s why we ensure Eve remains a game, not a job.
  • Strategic Dominion: Proud stewards of 35 Sov systems in Esoteria and Feythabolis, we’re set on a future of growth, leadership, and strategic triumphs.

What Makes TNF Unique?

  • Wealth & Resources: Space rich? That’s us. With access to r64 and r32 moons, plus our corp-only moons, prosperity is within your reach.
  • Combat Ready: From SRP for strategic ops to an expanding BPO library (over 600 researched BPO’s) and regular PVP fleets, we’re equipped for the frontline.
  • Learning & Leadership: Whether you’re refining your PVP skills or stepping into a leadership role, TNF is the place for growth.
  • Community & Support: At TNF, camaraderie is key. From mentorship to social events, we’re all about fostering connections. We are looking for players who want to be with us for the long haul, not weeks. You will build the best ships - friendships!

Why You Belong Here:

  • A Balance of Life & Game: Return to Eve without the stress. We’re here to guide you through, ensuring a balance between in-game success and your real-life commitments.
  • Grow with Us: From fleet commanders to logistical geniuses, your skills are needed and valued.
  • Engage & Excel: With minimum participation of just 4 fleets a month, staying active and impactful is achievable for everyone. We have so many fleets, this can many times be done in one day!

Get Connected:

  • Communication is Key: Mumble for operations, Discord for the day-to-day chatter. English is our lingua franca.
  • Joining is Easy: Say hello on our TNF Discord (The New Federation #recruitment), register your characters, and you’re on your way to becoming a pivotal part of our journey.

What’s Next?

Don’t just take the recruitment postword for it. Hear it from our members like:

Review by Marcus Janus:
“Joining The New Federation was a game-changer for me. After a break from Eve, I was worried about feeling lost in the vastness of space. But TNF made my return seamless and rewarding. The balance between real-life commitments and in-game progress is just perfect. Plus, getting access to r64 and r32 moons was beyond my expectations. Highly recommend to anyone looking to reignite their Eve journey!”

Review by Leviathansoul:
“As a veteran player, I’ve seen my share of corporations in Eve, but none like The New Federation. The strategic ops and the supportive community are unmatched. Their mentorship program helped me enhance my PVP skills significantly. It’s not just about the game; it’s about growing together as a team. TNF isn’t just a corp; it’s a family.”

Review by Hallard:
“I was skeptical at first about joining another corp in Eve Online. But from the moment I joined The New Federation, I knew I’d found my new home. The emphasis on strategic development, alongside the nurturing of leadership skills, has been incredibly fulfilling. Plus, the SRP for strategic ops means I can focus on what I love without worrying about the cost. TNF truly stands out in the universe of Eve.”

Review by Galan Kodeis:
“Returning to Eve after a hiatus felt daunting, but The New Federation made it an adventure worth taking. The wealth of resources, from the developed systems to the corp-wide buyback program, has been phenomenal. But what really sets TNF apart is the community. Engaging events, regular PVP opportunities, and genuine support from fellow members have made my experience unforgettable.”

Our Golden Rule: Don’t be a DICK. Let’s conquer the challenges of null sec with honor and fun!

TL;DR: Dive into The New Federation (TNF) in Eve Online: A veteran corp since 2005 blending strategic gameplay with a strong community. Enjoy control over 35 Sov systems, lucrative resources, comprehensive support, and real-life balance. Minimal participation requirements, easy joining via Discord. Members praise our camaraderie, strategic depth, and resource richness. Join us to make your Eve experience rewarding and fun. Remember: Respect is key as we explore and conquer together! - Recruitment channel here: - The New Federation

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Looking for more members. We Need some recruits for our own Alliance tourney - does this interest you?

Come join us! Swing by discord and say hello!

Come, we need to keep Harrat busy :parrotcop: