[The New Federation & Shadow Ultimatum] Calling All PVP Veterans: Let's Turn the Tide in Cloud Ring! 🌌

:rocket: Attention Elite Capsuleers of New Eden! :rocket:

Are you a battle-hardened PVP veteran tired of the status quo? Do you crave the thrill of high-stakes combat and the glory of decisive victories? The New Federation (TNF) and Shadow Ultimatum are recruiting, and we’re looking for pilots like YOU to turn the tide in Cloud Ring.

:star2: Who We Are:
TNF and Shadow Ultimatum are not your average corporation. We’re on a mission to disrupt the “carebear” nature of Cloud Ring and establish ourselves as a force to be reckoned with. We’re not here to train newbies; we’re here to dominate.

:fire: What We’re Looking For:

  • PVP veterans with a proven track record of excellence.
  • Fleet commanders who can lead and execute complex operations.
  • Active players who are committed to making a lasting impact.

:gem: Why You Should Join Us:

  1. Strategic Goals: Be part of a focused campaign to take control of Cloud Ring.
  2. High-Stakes Combat: Engage in meaningful battles that will shape the future of the region.
  3. Elite Company: Fly alongside some of the best pilots in New Eden.
  4. Resource Control: Access to prime mining and ratting locations as we expand our territory.

:gift: Special Incentives:

  • Immediate Leadership Roles: Proven veterans will have the opportunity to take on key roles from day one.
  • Strategic Autonomy: Plan and execute your own operations with full logistical support.

:envelope_with_arrow: How to Apply:
If you’re ready to leave your mark on New Eden, here’s how to get in touch:

This is not a call for recruits; this is a call to arms. Cloud Ring is ripe for the taking, and we intend to seize it. Will you join us?

:milky_way: Fly Dangerous and See You in Battle! :milky_way:

:rocket: Did you know Cloud Ring’s dynamics are shifting? Be part of the revolution with TNF and Shadow Ultimatum.

:milky_way: Seeking legends! Join us and etch your name in the annals of Cloud Ring’s history.

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