SHADOW ULTIMATUM [SHADO] - Sov Null - Regular PVP, PVE, and Industry opportunities - Recruiting corps and pilots - EUTZ & USTZ

Shadow Ultimatum is a sovereignty holding, null security alliance living in Cloud Ring. We are an alliance focused on pvp & industry, while enjoying some pve on the side. We’re an easy going, but dedicated group that is working towards growth in both numbers and strength through measurable goals and objectives. As we grow, so does our aggression towards hostiles.

Our specializations

  • to become one of the most active and proficient black ops groups in Eve,
  • to become one of the biggest suppliers of black ops equipment in EVE.
  • to be a leading player in the drug/booster manufacturing & trading business.

Opportunities with us include:

  • alliance ship replacement (SRP) for strategic operations
  • a P2P program (pay to pvp)
  • access to unique gases in the region to contribute to our drug/booster operations
  • ample space for ratting, mining, exploration
  • alliance courier service
  • a forgiving environment for aspiring FCs to develop themselves
  • regular access to pvp with several surrounding regions

** Alliance-wide buyback program to start gradually in phases*

We do not currently belong to any coalition but as with any alliance, we do have friends who align with our values and strategic objectives.

Check our killboard and our dotlan page to learn more about us.

Welcome to our in-game channel: Join SHADO

Currently looking for:

1. Mining corps

  • we continue to invest in our space and ensure upgrades are installed to ensure better sites, and enough of them.
  • MOON ore mining!!! We have many moons from which it is possible to mine. Alliance owned moon operations to ensure SRP and re-investment into the alliance.

2. PVP corps

  • we live in a dynamic region with several entrances to pvp rich environments. Cloud Ring is a perfect place to base out of for pvp!
  • be a part of alliance fleets, home defense, frontline deployments, special force projects. We have regular pvp to work with. Mostly small gang. Sometimes escalates to medium scale. Don’t miss out!

3. PVE corps

  • you are important as well! Don’t miss out!
  • smart pve corps who enjoy burning through combat sites and anoms
  • raise and maintain valuable ADMs and make isk in the process. Sounds like win-win to me!

Come and be a part of a story in the making. We have good infrastructure. Stable comms. Good leadership and measurable direction.

Join us today! Contact Jadecougar#4377 on discord for more details.


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