[SHADO] Join Shadow Ultimatum! [US][EU] - Sov Null - PVP Alliance based out of Esoteria

Looking for PVP-focused corps and members for content in the Southeast!

About Us:
Members of the Imperium Coalition!
Based in quiet nullsec, with plenty of space for ratting and r64/r32 moons for mining.
Active members spaced evenly over both US and EU timezones.
Real-life first alliance, with PVP second.

Why Join Us?
Extensive Ansiblex networks - from Cloud Ring to Feyth!
An abundance of nearby targets for June expansion changes.
Alliance-backed full SRP program for fleet fights.
Access to incredible SHADO & Imperium run JF logistics services.
Interested in becoming a Fleet Commander? Ask about our FC program!

Willingness to participate in strategic operations and fleet activities.
Minimum attendance of 4 fleets per month.
Dedication to the alliance’s goals and values.
A proactive and collaborative attitude.
No SP requirements, newbros welcome!

Interested in joining? Click here!: Shadow Ultimatum Recruiting

SHADO YouTube:



^^^ This guy is awesome!!!

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My corp is also recruiting in the linked discord ^
if its not for you, there is a great range of corps recruiting in SHADO, just join the server and check them out.

Zkill: In Control | Corporation | zKillboard

Tons of great corps within a great alliance still looking for more members :slight_smile: