New Eden Federation -

Join the New Eden Federation with your corporation. Alliance pays SRP on fleets and more benefits.


How to Join:

Pilots with no corporation can join the corporation “New Eden Space Federation” which is in the New Eden Federation alliance. Search for the corporation in-game with the PVP character you wish to join with and then click apply. Once you apply send a message in the awaiting approval channel to quickly process your application if someone is around to accept it.

PVP Corps that wish to join the New Eden Federation. Go to the Alliances tab under the Corporation windows. Go to Rankings. Click Show all. Scroll down to find the New Eden Federation. alliance. Right Click apply to join. Then let us know in the awaiting approvals channel so your application can be accepted quicker if someone is around.

Harbinger fleet doctrines are ready. This will be our first fleet doctrine.

Rifter/maulus/crucifier frigs for tackle and ewar! (these are all free each fleet)

Will be buying a few hundred of these ships to prepare for February 1st!

Join the fight in high sec! All accepted! Corps or single pilots!

Join the high sec revolution! All are welcomed.

Join the fight for a better high sec!

This is why the NEF is being created to stop things like this from bigger blocs that want to ruin smaller peoples fun in EVE for no reason. Join the NEF!

New Players or players who fly tackle 25mil Per fleet you are in! Join now! 3 free tackle/ewar/destroyers provided each fleet keep at the end of the fleet if they don’t die. This includes alts of even high skilled players if you want to join for the fun with your alt!


My public raitaru in Odotte is scheduled to be demolished by RIOT tomorrow at around 04:15. My crime was providing public tether in a system where they setup their war HQ… well, I didn’t ask them to choose this system. I was there first.

After that I should be out of war in 24 hrs and can then apply to join your alliance… looking forward to returning some “content” to all those “elite-PvP-loving” players! :wink:

Awesome!! Sorry to hear that but soon they and all the rest will get a taste of how it feels! :slight_smile:

Come join the newest power in EVE! Everyone is welcomed to join no restrictions!

Looking for allies as well! Any corp or alliance that wants to participate in operations get SRP and fleet ships!

Join up! by January 1st the alliance should have 50+billion ISK to start operations! Ready to go hard.

We have allies joining in high sec!

Join up fight for a better high sec and a safer one!

Come join the fight and build an empire

Come join the new wave of EVE. Sub capital warfare no capital blobs.

Seems like a good idea.

High-sec has always been dumped on by the 0.0 bears. Lived everywhere and know this to be true. Too old these days but good luck with it.

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Thanks! and everyone else join this great idea! Well its not an idea anymore its a reality!

New Eden Federation [FREE] [We Help with your HS Wars and Needs] [FREE] join us and help us fight the fight

Still recruiting pilots of all kinds!