Newbro High Sec Corp - Recruiting now

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Newbro Corp Looking for founding members…

New Eden Frigate Club is a brand new high sec corp exclusively for new players straight out of career missioning.

We Offer;
Level 1,2-4 Combat missions in fleets.
Ratting in lower security systems - Small fleet gangs to help get you through the tough ones.
learn how to roam in PvP frigate fleets - then head out with friendly alliances.
Advance in to Destroyers and Cruisers.
Alpha friendly - Omegas welcome too.
Minimum 1 Skill Point to join :wink:

Learn how to make money mining and trading, manufacturing etc.
In exchange We want…
You to be a founding member.
You to bring all the memes.
You to have a can do attitude.
No drama.
You to remember Real Life responsibilities comes first.
You to have a good time
You to have targets to reach in game.

Join N3wFr RECRUITING chat channel or email me in game to join.

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