New Eden's Best - NewBro Friendly PvP Corp in Null Sec!

New Eden's Best would like to ask you a question?

  • Are you a EU/AU/US TZ player? Basicly are you Human?
  • Are you a PvP focused guy that still want to rat or mine abit?
  • Do you have a microphone so you can talk with strangers on the internet?
  • Do you want to go on Fleets with your corpmates with experienced FC's who will totaly not make sure you die?
  • Do you want a great SRP program that can efficently and quickly cover your losses in named fleets?
  • Do you want a great Buyback program that will buy the stuff you dont want?
  • Lastly do you just want to go back to Blowing up ships? Maybe learn something new on the way?

If any of this fit you there is a great chance that we want you even if you are a newbro or the oldest of all the bittervets, we will gladly help you or listen to your stories about how good the game was before. All we ask is that you come on mumble talk some crap and join us on a fleet and blow up some freaking ships.

If any of this sound any tempting or maybe you want to know even more contact Istfire , Ediroll or join our public channel Best.-public to learn more about what we can offer you and your future in EvE Online.

About New Eden's Best:

BEST is a fairly new Corperation with already a heated history. New Eden's Best is currently a proud member of Goonswarm Federation. But BEST was created in Motsu ( High Sec ) fought it's way throu Low Sec before ending up creating their own Alliance. After a few months later they made the choice to join Goons. BEST is currently going strong with close to 200 members.

Join Today and Discover a how much fun you can have in EvE

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I might be interested. Def Newbro status :stuck_out_tongue:

Just hit us up!

If you like blowing stuff up, we are right for you :smiley:

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