The Pioneer Company - Null/High-Sec Recruiting

The Pioneer Company is currently seeking pilots of all skill levels. We are members of the newly formed New Eden Federation. As members of NEFHS, our primary focus will be to defend and secure structures within our area of operation in high sec. In the spirit of our alliance recruiting push, we are also adopting an open policy. That means we will accept any pilot that applies.

Null-Sec Operations
Our primary operations take place in Null-Sec. We have set up in southern Syndicate and have started building and seeding the market at our home station. We will begin by building doctrine ships for PvE and PvP. We are focused on small gang roams and camps to start establishing our presence in the region. The corporation will support a Null-Sec SRP program.

High-Sec Operations
Starting in January, once all citadels are required to have their respective cores. Our alliance will be defending these structures for smaller corporations that might not have the means to protect them—allowing ample opportunities for PvP content. TPI0C and NEFHS will pay our pilots to hold various FC positions (200m per fleet), newbro positions (25m per fleet), and a fully supported SRP program.

We are looking for pilots of any skill level to fill the gap. We need PvP pilots to roam, camp, and defend our Null-Sec and High-Sec operations. We need industrial pilots and miners to seed the market alongside our current pilots. Syndicate is populated by many different groups of players, making it a target rich environment for substantial small gang warfare. The neighboring low traffic systems offer many belts (including ice) ready for harvesting. We do not have a skill point or fleet participation requirement.

The Offer
As a new corporation, we usually wouldn’t have much to offer. However, with the alliance fleet payment structure, you can make ISK just by getting involved with our fleets. As stated before, the corporation will fund our Null-Sec operations. We have communications (Mumble) and an alliance discord. We are USTZ based, and our fleets will reflect this. The alliance spans multiple time zones and will offer many opportunities to come in January.

Apply Today!

You can also join “TPI0CPUB” to learn more.

Read more on our alliance official post here: New Eden Federation - Join the high sec power bloc. New Players 25mil ISK per fleet. FCs 200mil

Join the Discord:

Still looking for new members!

Still in need of combat pilots.

We need you, Pioneer!

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