The Pioneer Company [TPI0C] - USTZ - HIGH-SEC


The Pioneer Company [TPI0C] is currently seeking pilots of all skill levels. We have many new and seasoned players running fleets for mission running, mining/industry, wormholes, and PVP. We have an open recruitment policy, and anyone may join regardless of clone state.

We Offer

  • Mission/Mining (Ore/Gas) Fleets.
  • Small Gang Roaming Fleets.
  • Free Hull & SRP Programs.
  • We offer high-security living with access to content within a few jumps from our home.
  • USTZ Alliance.

We are members of the GameTheory alliance, which has the same mindset when playing EvE. We play to have fun, and we all realize that real life happens. We pride ourselves on being a family-friendly corporation. Most of us have a family, and we play eve to relax when our daily responsibilities allow us time.

You can also join “TPI0CPUB” to learn more.

Corporation Website:
Alliance Website: GameTheory Community Services

Still accepting new pilots.

Ops on going, looking for fleet members!

Join our discord to find out more.

Join today and get unrestricted access to our engineering complex and refinery. 0.5% for research and 1% refinery taxes.

Join our discord to find out more.

All pilots welcome. EU/USTZ.

We got a few new members and the website is up. Join us future Pioneer!

Still looking for USTZ players.

We have many new members and growing.

Check out our website to find out more.

Fleet up, let’s go!

We are now members of the GameTheory alliance. We now have an even bigger USTZ presence.

We off to a good start, join an active USTZ alliance.

Still looking for good members.

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