Never fear join Pioneer! Indy and pvp Corp. Late ustz

Anyone looking for a Corp that does indy and pvp? If so check us out here at Pioneer!!

The Battle for GVZ: B0SS Promotional Video.

The Pioneer Company - TPI0C is seeking pilots to join our ranks! We are a group of like-minded individuals who enjoy industry, PVP, and small gang roams. We are looking for old, new, and returning players. We are active during late-night USTZ but also have members in AUTZ.

We have multiple PVP fleets and roams every week.

We offer null-sec missions, ratting, and moon mining in our area.

We offer very active Discord and Mumble servers with fun and friendly conversation.

Null-sec access from our home in Venal.

Weekend fun fleets, cause trouble, or strip the belts.


Late-night USTZ players, all-time zones welcome but must be active during this time.

Be able to fly cruiser class ships with T2 tanks minimum.

Be willing to fly fleet doctrine ships (Bombers, Kikis, and HACS).

Must be willing to move to null-sec.

Join alliance fleets when possible.

Have a mic and join comms.

Brotherhood of Spacers - B0SS Alliance currently operates in NPC null-sec and is focused on PVP content. TPI0C pilots who focus on industry should also have an interest in PVP. We do not have a strict skill point requirement; however, you should be able to fly frigate and cruiser class ships comfortably.

Join the “TPI0CPUB” channel in-game to learn more and join our Discord to say hi!

TPI0C Discord: The Pioneer Company

Alliance Zkillboard: Brotherhood of Spacers | Alliance | zKillboard

In Game Chat Channel: “TPI0CPUB”

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