Nullsec Calling Your Name? *PVP / INDY*

Empire Building Corporation which assists in Capital, Super Capital, Structure and Titan building needs YOU!

We work as a team to procure materials, build assets, defend our pocket and our empire. We are the enforcement, the bodyguards, the logistics and the teeth for one of the largest empires in Eve Online.

But… we need you. We need pilots who are interested in working as a team. We need the Carebears, The Production Specialists. The Carrier Ratters, and FAX pilots. The CTA runners. The Rorqual miners, Multi-Boxers, and lowly proc boys and girls. We can’t do any of this without you.

What we offer our new pilots is second to none. Post a short review period, each of our pilots are awarded 100 Shares in the corporation.

Our Pilots enjoy the following lucrative benefits:

Nullsec Ice Belt with Dark Glitter, Gelidus, Thick Blue Ice and Glare Crust
Level 5 0.8 K-Space Belts
Tatara T2 Refine
95% Jita Buy
Capital Program (Applies to Rorquals, Carriers and Faxes Only)
Highsec Alt Program with Dedicated Stations 2 Jumps from Jita
Well Known Nullsec Alliance of which we are NOT renters. We’re the Enforcers.
Quarterly Dividends
Loyalty System! (EARN FREE CAPITALS!)
Recruiter Program (Super Secret Squirrel stuff)

Are you into PVP and want in on some of the biggest battles currently taking place in Eve? Guess what - we’re right there where the action is. You want to CTA, we have your CTAs. From Structure bashing, Renter Removals, and Empire Defense - all the way to Keepstar battles you read about in the news. We’re there all the way.

Most Active Fri-Sun 2200-0500 EVE. Seeking Pilots in ALL Timezones.

Things we are looking for:
*Friendly, good-humored people
*Willingness to work as a team
*Be Active
*NSFW - Be over 18 please. (No we don’t check ID, but we expect you to be honest)
*6 Million SP Requirement. - Retriever Pilots, keep skilling.

Things we need from you:

  1. Take a look at our presentation and join our discord!
  2. Ask Questions - We’re here to help.
  3. Use our Recruiting Bot to find out details about how to apply.

Talk to a Recruiter today - we are eagerly recruiting. Come join the ranks of the best Indy corp in Nullsec

Taking Nullsec and Highsec Applications.

Fly Dangerous o7

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Bump - We have now approved sign-on bonuses for 50 Million Isk paid upon role assignment, plus each pilot earns 100 shares in the corporation, with profits evenly split among all shareholders every month!

The corp has a combined value of 1.4 Billion Skillpoints as of 8/12/17. We’ve been around since 2009, well established in the Rumuo constellation by Jita with 6 operatonal Tier 2 Engineering Complexes and Citadels.

In our C1 Wormhole, we have 12 stations, full services, research and production, as well as Gas Sites and Ore Spawns - we recommended our new pilots get ready for Nullsec in our C1 Wormhole. The rats there are just a little lighter than the ones in Nullsec.

When you get to Nullsec - well… lets just put it like this - ever launch a Skiff from a Keepstar to grab ice? Yeah… it’s kinda awesome. The alliance is in full force in Nullsec, with Titans at the ready, a massive PVP force, and the entire region is an open market - where we are all blue friendly.

Come give us a try - learn what we are all about and if you choose to stay, at the assignment of a role in the corporation you earn 100 Shares which are paid monthly + 50 Million Isk as a signon Bonus.

We look forward to having you in New Eden Industrial Navy.

Just a friendly bump - our recruiting is still open. We are also looking for a few corps who would like to share our space in Nullsec. If interested please join our Discord and give us a shout.

We’re online mostly in the late afternoon to late at night. Mornings aren’t the best to reach a recruiter - (we all have RL jobs) but guess what! We have a recruiter bot on our Discord! He will greet you and offer you basic information about the corp. Who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

Can’t wait to get some of you awesome pilots with us!!

I’d like to know more. When someone is available, please feel free to contact me. Thanks!

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o/ Sent you a message, looking forward to hearing from you!

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We have an amazing tool for people seeking information about our corp! When you join our Discord (see links above) you will greeted by our RecruiterBot - this bot accepts the following commands to grant you more detailed information about our corp and how we work.

?mission = Presents our corporate mission, giving you an idea of our goals and our operations

?requirements = Presents our current requirements for joining the corporation.

?gorders = Presents information and link to our Corporate General Orders - the base document in which our corporation functions, and performs.

?wh = Presents our current goals in our C1 and C2 Static Wormholes.

?00 = (zero zero) Presents our current goals in Nullsec

?empire = Presents our current goals in Empire Space

?shares = Presents information about our member-ownership system and the method in which we do profit sharing to our members each month.

?buyback = Presents current Ore/Ice & Material Buyback programs presented to our members with links to appropriate information.

?ops = Presents a list of current unsecured operations

?api = Presents information about our API requirements and contains a link on how to generate a perfect API.

It our goal to make recruiting and operating in this game as easy as possible. We invite you all to come and speak to us, get a feel for the corp and know what it means to Fly Safe & Fly Dangerous.

~Shey Danu, CEO

We have a new system that is accepting renters. We are looking for 4 corps to co-exist with us in our next door system. Small corps ok. PM Shey Danu for more information or join our Discord Channel. 500 Million each month gets you a low traffic nullsec system with tons of potential.

Also, our main system has now reached Indy 3, Military 5, and Strategy 5. Come join us today!

September is seeing us grow with our sister corp moving to fly with us in Nullsec. We have also gained access to a new C2 Wormhole, bringing our operation space to a total of two Nullsec systems, 6 Empire Systems, and two wormholes. Come join us today!

Also! September’s Recruitment Bonus has been approved and is in full effect. Every new recruit earns 40 Million Isk on their bonus pay for joining! *Comes in effect 30 days after joining.

Join our discord today and speak to one our of members about joining New Eden Industrial Navy.

Want an active corp to hang your hat in? Want to mine belts that are worth 5 Billion isk? Want to kill drones worth 1 mill a piece or more?

Then come join us - recruiting is open and we’re excited to have you!

We are here. We are active. And We want YOU - come see what a real corp is like. One where your treated like an equal and where your voice matters. A corp that is active and ever growing. We are selective, we are not huge - and will never be huge. Not Alliance CTA requirements. Come join us and see what we are all about.

Join our discord today and chat with us!

We’re still recruiting! Check us out today and see what all the fuss is about!

We’re still recruiting! Our Fall Recruitment Push is on!

Are we recruiting? HELL YES! Can’t find an officer or corp member to chat with? NO PROBLEM. We have a bot for that. :wink: When you join our discord channel, you will have limited but useful access. Recruiting Channel and Recruiting Voice is at your disposal along with a great Recruiting Bot programmed by little ol’ me.

Here is how to use this great service:

For basic information:
?mission - Displays our Corp Mission
?wh - A small overview of our Wormhole Operations
?00 (zero zero) - A small overview of our Nullsec Operations
?empire - A small overview of our Empire Operations
?shares - How does our Corp Ownership & Monthly Income work?
?buyback - Information about our Ore, Ice & Material Buyback Program
?ops - A display of our current ongoing operations
?rats - A good source of information on our local nullsec ratting potential.
?near2 - Information on a very recommended intel parser we’d REALLY REALLY like everyone to use.

To Apply to our Corp:

  1. ?requirements - Check out our current requirements and what we’re looking for.
  2. ?gorders - Read our General Orders - you agree to follow these orders when you apply to the corp.
  3. ?api - Understand we do need a FULL ACCOUNT API. We live in nullsec, We trust NO ONE.
  4. ?apply - Finally you can apply via our website, once reviewed and approved you will get a corp invite in-game.

And Lastly - please remember it’s only a game. Have fun. And don’t ruin the fun for others by being a dick on Discord. :slight_smile:

Still Actively Recruiting for Nullsec Pilots!

Good afternoon,

I had a chance to chat with some of you corp members this morning and would like to follow up but I am having trouble accessing your discord. I will change my nick name to reflect this character.

Looking forward to learning more.


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We understand Real-Life. We understand the holidays. Pilots may be with family during this time of year and we don’t mind that at all. Lower activity is okay by us so long as your doing good and that time is filled with smiles.

However, if your still playing Eve during the holidays - your welcome to fly with us. Check us out - use the discord links above and chat with us a bit. We hope to hear from you soon.

Post-DCU vs TRI recruiting. We’re looking for PvE, PvP, and Indy pilots!!

Come see what we’re all about! Who knows… maybe get a free Rorqual :stuck_out_tongue:

New Eden Industrial Navy is looking for Highsec and Nullsec pilots !!

Come take a look at what we have to offer!