Nullsec Calling Your Name? *PVP / INDY*

Have you seen our ad on the Eve Online Facebook page? More to come! We are high tech, friendly and recruiting. We want to add about 10 main toons to our corp before March 2018 - and we want YOU!

We need 8 more mains! We are expanding our highsec and nullsec operations and are in full production mode! Come fly with us, build with us and blow ■■■■ up with us. :slight_smile:

We’re still recruiting! Our goal is 6 more mains, with all your alts welcome! Come fly, mine, build, sell, and make the isk in corp that is owned and operated as a team.


CALLING ALL MINERS!! Can you Proc Mine? We need you in null! Multi-box - OK! Rorquals, always welcome.

Check out what we have to offer today!

What alliance are you guys in?

Interested. Saw your facebook add, been inactive for awhile looking to get mining and building again.