Join The New Federation - Specializing in Returning Players

Welcome to The New Federation!

First and foremost, Eve is a game; real life comes first.

Are you returning to Eve after a break? The New Federation, established in 2005 and now a proud 18-year-old veteran in the universe of Eve, is your ideal destination.

Join The New Federation (TNF) in Eve Online as we chart a bold course into a transformative future! We are firmly established in our 23 Sov systems in Esoteria, poised for growth and prosperity. Our strategic plan emphasizes community enhancement, leadership expansion, and strategic development, all while honoring the real-life commitments of our members.

TNF is the ideal place for returning players, where we guide you through Eve’s evolving landscape and strike a balance between strategic PVP prowess and real-life priorities. Our focus is on creating a nurturing environment that respects each member’s unique journey back into the game.

We are actively seeking members who are ready to engage in leadership roles, contribute to our thriving community, and partake in exciting gaming experiences. Our operations include regular PVP fleets, strategic operations, and skill development sessions, all geared toward fostering a supportive and respectful gaming environment.

We encourage your participation and leadership as we aim to become a leading force in Eve Online. Get involved in training sessions, and community events, and if you feel you’re a fit for a leadership role, let us know. Join us in making TNF a formidable and respected name in Eve Online. Let’s embark on this thrilling journey together

Why Join Us?

  • Alliance ship replacement (SRP) for strategic ops
  • Developed systems with full upgrades for your ambitions
  • Access to r64 and r32 moons…plenty of them!
  • Access to private corp-only moons with corp-owned structures.
  • Abundant space for ratting, mining, exploration, and fleets
  • A supportive environment for emerging FCs
  • Regular PVP opportunities across several regions
  • Expanding BPO library (653 fully researched BPOs) free for all TNF members
  • Corp-wide buyback program at 80% Jita buy

Our Community and Support:

  • Mentorship and Training: Whether you’re dusting off your ship or eager to learn PVP, our experienced members offer mentorship and training sessions.
  • Engaging Events: From epic fleet battles to social gatherings, we foster a vibrant community.

Our Expectations:

  • Active Participation: Join at least 4 fleets per month to stay engaged.
  • Roles and Skills: We’re keen on expanding our fleet with experienced commanders, logistics experts, and enthusiastic PVP learners.
  • Community Spirit: Engage with the corp, share your experiences, and grow with us!

Communication and Language:

  • Mumble Comms are required.
  • English is the primary language.

Joining us is easy:

Corp Recruitment Contacts: Harrat

  1. Those wishing to join register all of your characters at both SEAT services:
  2. Login to the TNF Discord The New Federation #recruitment and say hello!
  3. Expect a warm welcome, an orientation session, and your path to becoming an integral part of our PVP adventures.

Remember, our golden rule: Don’t be a DICK. Let’s conquer the challenges of null sec together!

Ready to reignite your Eve adventure? Join The New Federation today and be part of our next chapter in null sec PVP!

Testimonials: “Returning to Eve and joining TNF was the best decision. The support and camaraderie here are unmatched!” - Marcus Janus


Great Corp and great people! They really care about you and having fun playing Eve. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Daily!


Looking for more members :slight_smile:


To The Top! - Awesome group of people to fly with, really low pressure and RL first, always!

(PS - we are New Bro friendly - don’t hesitate to apple because you are n ew or unfamiliar with null sec living - I LOVE to help on board new people)

Don’t be shy - great alliance with plenty of opportunities - we are a growing corp, and you can make a huge difference in our direction!.

Perfect time to join TNF - if you have JUST reactive after a hiatus - We are your corp!

Bump - join other returning players and find your new home!

Lots of old people returning - we have space for you in a forgiving environment with many alliance members willing to show vets the new ropes :slight_smile:

Bumpy bump

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Still looking for great returning players!

Looking for more players to join our ranks :slight_smile:

We specialize in returning players - if you are coming back, we want you!

We still looking.

To the top

Come join some old (non-bitter) vets!

We are a great group of guys who value RL time and focus on our game time being fun - no time for a second job!