Join the war?

I hear there’s a big fight happening soon in World War Bee 2. Something about a last desperate offensive. As someone who has never done PVP before, is there any way to jump in and be involved? Do the attackers want more people, or at this point should I just fly down to Delve and look around?

I was watching the Meta show yesterday - Imperium show.
They said that TEST leadership proclaimed to their membership, that they should expect nothing to happen.
They even claim that with this proclamation of last offensive TEST is trying to hide their evacuation of the area. (Just a short meme : All warfare is based on deception.)

If you just jump inside that area, you are instantly death, both sides execute you on sight.

You could fly down to delve and join in with band wagon to try and evict goons , however TEST has pretty much lost the war and soon the counter attack will begin , so really you should ask yourself the question of do you want to waste your time and isk just to lose ???

Or you can check out some better options :slight_smile:

Like us :slight_smile:

No. If you come there and say “I want to kill Goons” we will first kill and pod you and, just after that, point you to the proper procedures to join us. Instead check the zkillboard to see who is going against goons, check the in game info, find the advertises in this section, talk with recruiters.

Here is the one from my corp [W4RP] Want to try null ? Join Pykes now, for smartbomb ratting! if you prefer we may forward you to some corp with more focus in PvP.

Oh, and about Goon’s propaganda already in this thread, I guess you figured out… nothing but their spin.

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Ok, I was wrong. The big battle is just happening, have seen the end on Twitch.
Test lost, and I understand, there is a horrible server delay (do not know how to write the word for that (’’ tidy?’’’)
They are saying, the Test allies are leaving the war.

Reedit: Imperium has audio of Test leadership, they are unanchoring structures, and evacuating capital fleets.

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