Are you a new, returning, or veteran player looking for a place to call home and pilots to build log lasting connections with? Look no further than War Eagle Fleet! We are in the process of rebuilding after sustaining the longest SOV war in EVE history as part of WinterCo. Now with SLYCE, we are working to restore our ranks and take this corp into the next chapter as a PVP focused group who enjoys earning and burning together.

We are currently situated in Etherium Reach and have numerous systems to choose from when ratting/mining. We also have many opportunities for you to get involved and provide leadership and/or support. Interested in running your own corp? Join us and learn the ins and outs to help better position yourself for success in the future. Veteran who has been there and seen everything and looking for new challenges? Join up and let’s talk growth and opportunities. We are looking for pilots of all ages and experiences.

Check us out and join our fleet today.

Check us out over at War Eagle Fleet. We’re building a PVP-based corp where you can actually make real friends and build lasting connections. We are part of SLYCE, situated in Etherium Reach and have numerous isk earning systems and PVP opportunities. There are also lots of opportunities to grow into a support or leadership position.

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