Jolly Dodgers Rogering Codgers (Recruiting now)

Hello everyone,

JDRC is a laid back PVP corp based in Delve. Our Coalition provides round-the-clock opportunities for subcapital and capital PVP. Our main corp activity is in AU and EU timezones.


  • A very active PVP Scene
  • Assisted access to Caps / Supers / Titans
  • A very laid back corp atmosphere. We don’t take ■■■■ too seriously
  • Corp & Alliance Ship Replacement - double SRP payments so you make money
  • PVE opportunities to fund your PVP habit with Ratting SRP for select hull types (Cap & Subcap)


  • Provide Full ESI Masks for all accounts
  • Be active socially on our services (Discord/Jabber/TS3)
  • Participate in 5x Strategic pvp ops every month
  • minimum skillpoints requirements : 4 000 000

If you are interested in joining or just wanna have a chat:

Greetings : MrNoodless

daly bumb :smiley:

oww weekly bump almost damm


Bump. We are currently recruiting aggressively as TNT begins its campaign against some old enemies. We will mostly be staging from Tasti and will have Bomber and Harpy roams along with thrasher fleets. If you cannot fly those ships, dont worry since we always accept T1 logi or even basic tackle. Join our public channel, where you can contact MrNoodless, Talion Riraille or Juniper Rogue for more queries. You can also join our discord. Feel free to ping @recruiters to ask any questions! Killboard


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