[0.0] [PVP] The Cwn Annwn

Join us in Delve with The Bastion.

  • 5mil SP minimum. (At least an interceptor is preferred.)

  • Full API should be emailed to each of the recruiters. (Kettle Vallei, Deckhard Aura, Leonard Razzell)

  • PvP focused pilots only, bears need not apply, though you are welcome to make ISK to PvP harder. (Ratting/Mining/Indy/Trade are a secondary thing or done on an alt.)

  • Decent Killboard preferred.

  • SRP available for fleets both in corp and with the coalition.

  • Fleet participation is mandatory but reasonable. (~10 fleets a month.)

  • Laid back leadership.

  • Training available to all members. MANY resources and opportunities.

  • Double SRP for those who meet participation requirements.

  • Capital Ship Subsidy program.

  • Regular monthly PvP competition for cap ship prizes or lots of ISK.

Contact Deckhard Aura, Kettle Vallei, or Leonard Razzell in game for details.

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what up sexay bitch, deck is a good dude to fly with and under.

Especially under

Deck is quality dude, so long as he gives me more discord perms!? <3 <3

Still recruiting PvPers! Contact us today and find out more.

Join us today! We’re looking for the best of the best to join us out in Delve. PvPers welcome!

You should link your zkill here and have a picture, makes it more eye catching \o/
That’ll be 3 Shmeckles for services rendered <3

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