The Cwn Annwn [PVP/PVE] [Sov Null]

Join us in Delve with The Imperium.

  • 5mil SP Minimum Preferred.
  • Random applications will be denied, talk to a recruiter first.
  • Full ESI Check will be performed.
  • PvP/PvE Pilots welcome! (Now, for the first time, recruiting Mining/Industrial pilots)
  • SRP available for fleets both in corp and with the coalition.
  • Full access to Delve services and ratting/mining.
  • Training available to all members. MANY resources and opportunities.
  • Double SRP for those who meet participation expectations.
  • Capital Ship Subsidy program.

Edit: Adding Zkillboard
Edit2: Changed requirements to match current updated recruiting policy!

Contact Deckhard Aura, Kettle Vallei, or Leonard Razzell in game for details.

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How do you even keep a zkill that clean O.o

Still looking for additional pilots to fill our ranks! Join today!

Join us out in Delve! Reliable content, lots of PvE options, plenty of opportunity and a tight knit crew.

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The Cwn Annwn is always looking for new blood to fill it’s ranks. Reach out to a recruiter today.

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Recruiting PvPers interested in nullsec life! Laid back leadership, great opportunities, contact a recruiter today!

Now accepting applications from PvE pilots. Miners/Industrialists/Ratters.
We’ll still teach pilots how to PvP as needed!

Recruiting all types of pilots. Also recruiting corporations interested in merging into a larger corporation.