Jump Freighters with ship maintenance bay

A jump freighter able to carry assembled ships instead of modules would greatly improve the ability to deploy ship caches around the universe.
I was thinking about something with a tiny cargo bay (5k m3?) and a huge SMA (around ̶4̶m̶ 2.5m3 at max skills)
would it be a good addition to eve online or do you think normal caps are already enough to fullfill this role?

That’s called a supercapital.

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Indeed, but I’m not sure a 80b ship that can not dock, with a 6 ly jump range and unable to travel in high sec would be ideal to move ships around the universe.

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A super capital is only about 20B. And this is the entire point of it. You should not be able to easily setup ship caches around the universe. You are supposed to put effort into it, and risk them during transport. As much as I agree with you that this would indeed be a godsend for null sec blocks (and just as useless to high sec people as the Bowhead), it would be an extremely powerful ship.

A super capital is only about 20B. And this is the entire point of it

This is a very good point as well, this is why such a ship should not come in cheap, provided that jump freighters already cost 10-11B . Would a price tag of around 15B for this ship balance the risk/rewads?

You should not be able to easily setup ship caches around the universe.

It is already extremly easy to do so, I.E. Dreads, I think that having a subcap cache in a citadel (which is killable) would help with content ,both in null and low sec, expecially now that the majority of null blocks are idle rorq mining.

Deploying ships across the universe shouldn’t become a trivial thing. But i think there is room for a specialised ship like this. It would be to the bowhead what a jump freighter is to the freighter.

But it would have a smaller bay than the bowhead in the same way.

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I tought about the same but I feel that if the bay is too small people would use carriers/dreads instead.
And that might the reason why bowheads are rarely seen in low/null.

I have my doubts then. Especially for such a small investment. For 4mil m3 you’re probably talking super cap price. Remember this thing would get a huge fatigue bonus.

And 4mil maybe just too much.

Yeah thats why I proposed a very high price tag, also I have to admit that 4m is way too much, probably 2/2.5 m would be more reasonable.

It would simply make for even bigger ganks on Zkill…

That’s a + :slight_smile:

If it’s just for ship caches then no.

You can just buy your ship, or in the worst case sell it. You’re not going to keep your ships forever. Having an array of different ships ready wherever you go sounds like you’re trying to confuse enemies as a tactic or perhaps you’re thinking it’s going to give you an advantage, when in the end everyone will be able to do the same. You’d be changing ships more often than you’re actually fighting. So I’m not convinced that your reasoning is sound.

Ships can then be moved with a jump freighter when you pack them into a courier contract.

Dreads and carriers are as cheap as a freighter, a magnitude cheaper than a JF and super, and can haul quite a few ships themselves.

I think the OP is looking for a ship that can traverse HS and move ships, which carriers and dreads cannot do. As long as the SMB is limited in size, I think this is a win, for couriers and for gankers.

I’ve recently come back from Eve after being gone for several years, but as best I can recall the Dreadnaught class never had ship maintenance bays before. Seems odd that they added it, not sure what the thought process was. It does make some sense that a carrier should be able to carry some ships, and I’d think it should be larger than whatever a dread can carry.

It would be reasonable to me that if this were to be added the SMB of the other capital class ships should be reduced somewhat, which would give it a purpose, and give the other ships a more focused role, instead of being a poor man’s jump freighter.

An ORE industrial Titan. Two variants, one with a massive generic cargo bay, and one with a massive ship maintenance bay. Both have one, maybe two, turret slots and no weapon, mining, or ore bonuses.

Wait, Titans can’t do secspace- whatever, it’s for nullsec blocs.

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