Just checking the TOS hasn't been changed


going through an eve search on the people and places icon in the NEOCOM,

I get this:

and this:

and this:

but then I read this:

So which is it corporate management and CSM? Is the ToS in suspended animation or is there a double secret probation version that I simply have not been given access to yet?


CCP may (and most likely is) simply be unaware of these characters’ existence.

Write a support ticket and bring them to customer support attention. We only have a case of selective rule enforcement if they decide to do nothing about it after it has been brought to their attention.


Definitely report this.

Holy cow…

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So did you report this or just want to cause forum drama/bash CCP?


well, looking back at the last 10 years of online forum and CCP correspondence, doesn’t look like they have been in a big hurry to enforce even when the sheer weight of it is placed smack dab on their gob. Of course, the bulk of the responses when it is brought up are generally down your perspective to a T.

how much do I report. These are the first couple I was able to post. The list is several hundred long. all consistent with the type of crap you see above. It ain’t a symptom, its an illness.

Oh yes, this was the most memorable gem of the afternoon:

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and can’t forget their corp description:

No, with some 130 Character names disparagingly using Jew(Jew Killer stood out for me ), another 100 or so using Kike, well over 100 or so using some oh so hysterical variation on Shekel and Stein or Burg, another 28 character names using Auschwitz. two corp names using Auschwitz- the one I posted below and a second corp “Auschwitz was Hilarious” CCP I would suggest has known pretty well. for quite some time. It aint a lack of knowledge that is hindering enforcement of the ToS, it is a lack of desire and/or willpower.

Curiously, I have decided to take the advice of oh so many forum responders that I have read in the archived Forum posts when this issue has repeatedly come up again and again, and again, and again…I live in Canada, where sorry to say Freedom of speech yankee trailer gang, we do have laws limiting both speech and hate speech. Includes online content. So, as I may be a trifle confused about what qualifies as hate speech, hell maybe I am wrong. Well, I know there are experts at the RCMP who really know what they are talking about, so I am passing it on to them. similarly, I know that Toronto, who is hosting EVE World Tour in June…well, toronto is a very multicultural city. And city officials in Toronto take hate speech pretty seriously. You know, us damn liberal canadians. So I am forwarding it to Toronto Police, and the Hotel management of the hotel hosting Eve World Tour, and B’Nai Brith Canada.

Sorry, I promised I wouldn’t be interested in making any forum drama. Tell you what, I won’t post anything until I hear back from one of the above. Or maybe, CCP will hear back first and they can update all you avid forum regulars.

Fly Safe. o7

IF CCP does something, you won’t know about it. Unless you keep actively checking those chars out.

@Brisc_Rubal. @CCP_Falcon

The best and easiest course of action is to report it via petition. Mentioning it on the forums raises awareness, yes, but most people on the forums can’t do anything about it besides telling you to file a petition. Thanks!

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I laughed at this one. I don’t see how that’s somehow bad.
Not making fun of people, because they’re Jews, isn’t okay.
They’re just people too.

First one and that Auschwitz one are quite horrorful, wtf was that guy thinking?!

Gonna put a stop to this before it gets out of hand. If you see something offensive like that, please report it. Thank you.