Justified Chaos - USTZ Gallente FW and Sov null

Hey there. We are Justified Chaos; we are a part of Gallente Militia and currently have a little slice of sov in null security space. We are predominantly US TZ.

What we offer:

-All types of pvp. From small gang to large fleets.

-Multiple income sources(FW plexing, FW missions, ratting and moon mining)

-If corp isnt up to something our friends in militia will usually be shooting something.

What We Require and Expect;

-10M SP is a threshold but we are flexible with lower skilled pilots provided they have some pvp experience and willing to fly what we ask for soon

-Submit Full API for background checks.

-Must use Teamspeak 3.

-Must have discord

-Please note that we don’t accept alts combat toons. Only mains.

How to apply:

You can either send SmokinJs Arthie an in game mail with the information below or you can submit it here.

Any applications just sent via the in game applications will be ignored. You have to mail the app directly to SmokinJs Arthie.

The email should contain the following information:

A link to your killboard and what you would like to accomplish with Justified Chaos.
Full API. If approved, please ensure the API is also included in the corp application.
Your typical playtimes
Anything else you would like to share about yourself be it personal goals in PVP or whatever.

Applications take 2-3 days to process.

Public Channel; ‘Justk pub’

Public discord channel: https://discord.gg/ge6QQ6E

Some of us had an alarm clock op to help some gal mil buddies this morning. Was good fun.


Still recruiting

Still recruiting people who undock

Still recruiting!

Recruiting pilots. Nadoed and blopsed some things last night with some friends. Come have some fun with us!


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