Spaceship Bebop & Justified Chaos are recruiting! Fleet up and fight!

Current Campaign: Evicting Null Sec Alliances from Cloud Ring - so far we have made 3 sovereign alliances leave their homes, and one has folded.

There has never been a more exciting time to join us! So many cap kills! So many Black Ops operations! So many challenging fights! Soooo much content!

Spaceship Bebop and it’s corporations are a group of close-knit, like-minded individuals - good people who enjoy the game without drama; players who help each other out and aren’t afraid to fleet up and lose their ships. We have players in US TZ, EU TZ, Aussie & Korean TZ.

We are recruiting active pvp corps, and our exec corporation Justified Chaos [JUSTK] is recruiting pilots.


PvP is our main focus. We love it and we’re good at it.

We live in both Low sec and Null sec sov space.

Our Mission as an alliance?

To provide all members maximum content in both Factional Warfare and Nullsec space

What does Bebop have to offer?

-Regular PvP fleets with experienced FCs
-Heavy USTZ, with EUTZ and AUTZ
-Less F1 blob engagements and more engagements requiring skill (eg. manual piloting of your ship)
-Black Ops
-Capital Engagements
-Opportunities to learn from experienced pilots and FCs
-Large Citadel Network
-SRP (when alliance wallet or loot can cover it)
-TS3 and Discord servers

Why Factional Warfare space?

FW offers a range of lucrative benefits and opportunities.
-Active Space - For PvP, the Gallente/Caldari Warzone is one of the most active PvP zones in all of New Eden. It provides loads of PvP content, 24/7.
-Variety in PvP – FW space is unique in that it offers opportunities for a range PvP experience -Solo, Small Gang, Fleets
-FW plexes which allow our players the ability to fight and find action no matter what ship they choose to fly. For example, if they want to test their manual piloting skills in a frigate dog-fight, they can do so in a novice plex.
-Targets – by being in the Gallente Militia, we will be in a permanent war with the one of the largest bodies of pilots (over 45,000) in the game – and we can kill them in highsec
-Variety in earning ISK – Fighting for the Gallente allows our player members to earn ISK by earning and then selling LP. This can be achieved by:
-Killing the Caldari and/or the Amarr
-Defensive & Offensive Plexing and iHub bashing
-FW Missions

Although many of our members enjoy industry activities and making isk this way, we are not looking for any industrial corps.

Whilst all members are generally free to play the game as they please, we greatly appreciate members that are willing to fleet up and PvP and also be willing to learn (learning never stops).

We invite all interested players (and corps) to come stop by our main corp’s public channel: “JUSTK Pub”

Applications will require your FULL API and your kill-boards will need to show that you’re active.


Spaceship Bebop and Justified Chaos recruitment contacts:
Mattio11, SmokinJs Arthie, Insane Ducky, Degnar Oskold, Naso Keplis, Yun Kuai

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We do a lot of BLOPS. We love to blops. Even on a lone kestrel!

We blops so hard we’ve made 4 Sovereign alliances pack up their sh!t and leave their homes - Solitaire, The Amish Mafia, and Phalanx Federation - all have been evicted!

Currently we’re beating on Sarcos, Rane and Pandemic Horde.

We also love to kill caps… Heh, we even use blops to bridge in Viators to loot the field after we blow up carriers :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are some recent kills:

Heavy USTZ player bass, but with players from all timezones.

Join our Public chat channel ‘JUSTK Pub’ or apply now!

Recruitment still open!

Here’s some kills from today’s shenanigans…

…and many more

Recruitment still open!!

Justified Chaos and Spaceship Bebop are recruiting. Join today!

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Recruiting pilots and corporations that want to pew pew.

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Recruitment still open!!

Still recruiting.

Recruiting pilots and corporations that want to pew pew.

do your part for the Federation today!

I’m doing my part.

Recruiting closed?