KarmaFleet - Come be a part of something big! [NEW PLAYERS] (EU/US/AU)


KarmaFleet is Recruiting New Players

Be a part of something big. (Youtube video)

Alpha Clone players are welcome in KarmaFleet!

KarmaFleet is Goonswarm alliance’s new player corporation. We focus on training new players, giving them the help and resources they need to enjoy this game and be part of something big.

We’re a nullsec focused corporation who dwell deep in null security space, beyond the reach of the four great Empires, and far from the protection of CONCORD. Together with our allies, we have forged our own Empire which knows no equal. Most of our PVP fleets will involve nullsec or lowsec PVP.

As a new player, why join KarmaFleet?

KarmaFleet is a full member of Goonswarm Federation, not some separate side-project to dump new players in, where you only get to join in when the self-important main corporation needs a meat-shield.

Goonswarm has a long history of taking on new players and getting them flying in the big fleet fights you’ve heard about from day one.

That all means you can do whatever you want with KarmaFleet! To help you get started we’ve got Gooniversity, with advice from experienced players in forums and on chat, mentoring, live classes, skillplans with free skillbooks, a wiki full of information, and lots more. Plus of course free PvP ships so you can join in the big fights from day one!

If you’re in your first few weeks of the game, here’s what KarmaFleet can offer you:

Training & Guides

  • Initial 60-day skill plan to cover the basics, then further skill plans for specific ships and roles
  • Gooniversity with 101s for everything from joining a fleet, to exploring WHs. All areas of PvE and PvP covered
  • Extensive Wiki covering all aspects of the game
  • Training classes with experienced players, starting with a WTF 101 fleet and followed by classes in all areas of play
  • Mentors to guide you through your early days

Free Stuff

  • Skillbooks: an initial pack for the 60-day plan, then more for whatever you choose to do next
  • Leaning implants to earn skill points more quickly
  • Fleet frigates so you can join the multiple fleets that go out daily in all timezones
  • PvP frigates for solo or small gang PvP
  • Exploration frigates to take advantage of the nullsec Relic and Data sites
  • Salvage frigates to clean up after other people, and a buyback programme to make ISK from it
  • PI kits to make ISK while you’re off doing other things, with a guide to get your started

A Great Place to Live

  • We live in the Delve region of nullsec.
  • Find fleet, ratting and mining ships available pre-fitted on contracts
  • Corp buy-back programmes mean you’ll never have a problem selling anything you find while out exploring space

Diverse and Active Communities

  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs) for all EVE-related activities: small gang pvp, wormholes, ganking, diplomats, stealth, bombers, spies, incursions, etc
  • Social groups beyond just EVE: music, LGBTQ, vaping, medical professionals, lawyers, IT types, etc
  • Forums covering EVE, SIGs & social groups
  • Jabber text chat for all SIGs & social groups, plus it alerts you when fleets are forming!
  • Mumble voice chat for fleets, and just hanging out with friends

To find out more visit us online at KarmaFleet.org, on Reddit at /r/KarmaFleet or in-game in our public chat channel, “KF_Public”.

If you’re already convinced, you can put in an application today!


And so the bumping begins…

I don’t understand highsec miners… https://zkillboard.com/kill/63366147/

I stayed up up late playing Card Against Humanity with corpmates last night. So why the hell am I awake already!?

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I had a nap to fix the issue :slight_smile:

Running fleets is so much fun. Everyone should try it.

I need to refit some T3s…

I want to bee more informed. Subbing and injecting some injectors. Old player…is this a goonswarm or a remake or?

I played back in the day when it was popular for goonswarm members to pay an “entry fee” and have all their assets freighted…what a deal that was…

I want to bee more informed. Subbing and injecting some injectors. Old player…is this a goonswarm or a remake or?

It’s the same Goonswarm alliance as of old (although we’ve undergone a cultural revolution, so you won’t see any of the bigotry some Goons were known for in the past). Some of the corps have changed, some old faces have left, but The Mittani is still running things, and we’re still helping new players jump in cheap ships and start being useful from day 1.

I played back in the day when it was popular for goonswarm members to pay an “entry fee” and have all their assets freighted…what a deal that was…

KarmaFleet will never charge you a fee or deposit to join, nor will we ask you for any assets for shipping before you join.

Now once you do join we do offer your first shipment of stuff from Jita to Delve for free. But if you don’t trust us you can just come down on your own and buy stuff off the local market, or just get free frigates on handout to join fleets and things.

I’m innerested, wheres my grenades at?

Put in an application at https://recruit.karmafleet.org/ and once we’ve reviewed it we’ll invite you down to Delve where you can pick up your free grenades.

Seems like too much effort but thanks…i’ll just use your space as I please…gotta love them injectors.

Guess you didn’t want those grenades anyway…

no…but I have a kg of antimatter contained in a series of electromagnetic fields.

Antimatter, the very best there is. When you absolutely, positively, got to kill every miner in the region; accept no substitutes.

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go…

I’m going to try these new-fangled forums from my phone tomorrow.

OK this is a lot easier than the old forum from my phone.

So good thing the old forums are going away soon.

I experienced my first earthquake last night. Very strange feeling after it, like rocking on a boat, but on dry land.