KarmaFleet - Come be a part of something big! [NEW PLAYERS] (EU/US/AU)

(Vulkyn) #121

Feeling better now.

(Vulkyn) #122

Feeling even better after running a fleet last night. We killed stuff!

(Penates) #123

Evemail sent @Vulkyn

(Vulkyn) #124

What on earth was I doing up that late!?

Penates my phone told me about your mail… I’ll check that as soon as I’ve had some coffee.

(Vulkyn) #125

Once again: what on earth was I doing up that late - this time on a school night!

(Vulkyn) #126

Back to sensible adulting today.

(Vulkyn) #127

And another day of adulting.

(Vulkyn) #128

Three in a row!

(Vulkyn) #129

Up slightly later last night, but nothing terrible.

(Vulkyn) #130

Tried to go ganking miners last night, ended up killing a 14bil freighter. #highsecproblems

(Vulkyn) #131

Great training class last night. We learned about shooting fighters, then got to see a titan use tis doomsday the carrier we were fighting.

(Vulkyn) #132

Wow posts must be at least 5 chars in length.

(Vulkyn) #133


(Vulkyn) #134

Ahhh… five characters is for “Bump.”.

(Vulkyn) #135

Or various swear words followed by a period.

(Viatic Akachi) #136

Question for you Mr. Vulk how long do App general take to be review cause I redid my first app cause it was super sloppy so I wanted to know how long.

(Pari Shana) #137

To The Top!

(Zul Eto) #138

I hear some bumping is in order!

(Pari Shana) #139

To the top

(Dingler) #140

The system works.