KarmaFleet - Come be a part of something big! [NEW PLAYERS] (EU/US/AU)

(za rain) #101

Hey Vulkyn,

I picked up eve years and years ago, but had to drop it due to irl time constraints. now I have more time, but it means I am basically a noob again while packing a rokh.

My main problem is mostly everything I remember was PVE and mining. The closest thing to PVP I have had was fending off someone attacking a corp mates mining setup. Most of what I have seen is all PVP from the corp, which I think I will want to get into eventually, but how much mining and PVE do you guys do?

(Dingler) #102

Recruiting is believing.

(Vulkyn) #103

za rain: we do a lot of mining and PvE in Delve, and have standing defense fleets to protect people during these up at all times (which are also a great place to hang out and get to know people).

However you have to be prepared to PvP as well. But don’t worry if you’ve never done it before, we have classes & guides to teach you how, and free ships to use to learn in, and a Ship Replacement Programme so that PvP is next-to-free once you start using the main line ships.

(Vulkyn) #104

All this PR recently has attracted a lot of new recruits :smiley:

(Vulkyn) #105

What a week! Going to enjoy shooting some spaceships this evening :smug:

(Vulkyn) #106

That was very cathartic. Especially the two retrievers with high-grade slave pods!

(Vulkyn) #107

Wow we dodged a wrong-un yesterday. You may have seen them raging out on Reddit about it…

(Vulkyn) #108

Work again…

(Vulkyn) #109

Work again…

(Harkins Hubbard) #110

Is there someone I can talk to about the recuitment process?

(Vulkyn) #111

Sure - you can ask questions here, or join kf_public chat channel in-game, or drop me an evemail. or visit us on Reddit at /r/KarmaFleet.

(Vulkyn) #112

Back to: Work again…

(Fuyune Shirio) #113

Don’t sound too motivated :wink:

(Fuyune Shirio) #114

This is not the bump you’re looking for…

(Vulkyn) #115

Wow other people bumping is a mess.

(Vulkyn) #116

That’s better - I’m back in control of bumping.

(Vulkyn) #117

Well thread bumping.

(Vulkyn) #118

I feel ill today.

(Vulkyn) #119

Bizarre dream last night. Wonder if it’s related to being ill?

(Vulkyn) #120

Less bizarre dream last night, feeling munch better. But correlation does not imply causation. And I’m not getting ill again just to test it…