KarmaFleet - Come be a part of something big! [NEW PLAYERS] (EU/US/AU)

(Vulkyn) #81

The young people on the meetup have gone to a club. I’m safely at home, and looking forward to the yacht party tomorrow (where I’m most looking forward to playing Cards Against Humanity with people!).

(Vulkyn) #82

We partied on two yachts! And I now the faces of more people I play the game with, which is great.

(Vulkyn) #83

But now it’s back to work…

(Vulkyn) #84

And for a full week :frowning:

(Vulkyn) #85

Hump day.

(Vulkyn) #86

Fleet tomorrow evening. Just keep that in mind through today… nearly there.

(Vulkyn) #87

There will be beer and spaceships later today!

(Vulkyn) #88

Why am I up so early?


Last night on fleet we killed a Mackinaw (big old mining ship) using only Ventures (tiny mining ships). And after they applied to join us! The system works!

(Monsieur Janh Aldent) #89

Hey Mates! Are you invite Alpha Clone pilots? I just starting playing and want be a part of big community.

(Altus Khavali) #90

Hey there, I’m a returning new player; got intimidated and a little discouraged during my first foray into the game, about a year ago and stopped playing after my trial expired. I recently decided to give it another go, and know enough about the game to understand I know next to nothing. The one universal thing I’ve been told, read on forums, and heard in YouTube videos - the key to enjoying EVE is to push through that initial learning curve, join a corp, and get into null space.

Here’s to hoping KF is still looking for new people, as it sounds like a great place to jump in and learn!

(Vulkyn) #91

Monsieur Janh Aldent: Yes Alpha clones are very welcome. Our Gooniveristy is all set up to help Alphas join in, with free ships Alphas can fly to join fleets, and packs of skillbooks for each Alpha race.

Altus Khavali: getting into an active corp is the key to this game. It’s really not a very good game if you sit in highsec and mine or mission alone. But once you find the group of people you like playing with… well you’ll be stuck with this game as your primary hobby in life!

Talking of Gooniversity and people to play with… I went on a WTF 102 class yesterday that covered how to be tackle in a fleet (the person that stops a target getting away long enough for the fleet to turn up and kill them). Not only was it a really good class for new players,I learnt 3 new things, and I’ve been playing this game for 8 years.

(Vulkyn) #92

And yesterday we learnt how to gank autopiloting ships :wink:

(Vulkyn) #93

Which is useful. When a normal ganking fleet starts shrinking as people leave, you can turn it into AP ganking. Yay new stuff being learnt.

(Vulkyn) #94

Of course we’re accepting refugees from CO2.

(Vulkyn) #95

End of the week is in sight!

(Vulkyn) #96

Plan for the day:

  • walk to work
  • fart around on the internet all day
  • go for a job interview
  • dash home on the train

(Vulkyn) #97

Eve time gave me a hangover…

(Vulkyn) #98

IT is a good film. You should watch it.

(Vulkyn) #99

Monday :frowning:

(Vulkyn) #100

Tuesday isn’t going to be much better :frowning: