KarmaFleet - Come be a part of something big! [NEW PLAYERS] (EU/US/AU)

(Xiao Liang) #61

I don’t mind joining your community, my only fear of fighting is of my bad internet cutting out in the middle of an important fleet battle.


I definitely wouldn’t mind joining the community and hang out with others, helping out other members of the community and building stuff. I rather not go around ganking innocent players, kinda against my morals. However fleet fights and stuff like that I have no alms about joining in, just have to repeat my worry about bad internet.

Also, I’m not sure if it’s just my internet, but when I was doing the tutorial, my guns wouldn’t active for some time even when I closed in the range and hit the button multiple times, I’m also worried if something like that happened in a larger fleet battle.

Though I will repeat, if I was to join this community, I would like to focus on the mining/industrial side of things, maybe dabble as a drone operator for fleet combat.

Oh, and not sure if I need to mention this, but I selected the Gallente race with the Jin-Mei bloodline.

(Xiao Liang) #62

Also, does the community happen to have a discord server @Vulkyn?

(Vulkyn) #63

We use Jabber for most text chat. It’s where fleets get announced, and most eve-related chat happens (as well as some of the social groups hang out). The Imperium (the coalition we are in) also has its own Discord server.

Bad internet isn’t great… but if you’re just one of hundreds of people in a fleet, you’re not going to lose the battle for us by disconnecting. Worst that’ll happen is you’ll lose your ship (and you’ll get most of the money back to replace it from he Ship Replacement Programmes we have!).

For guns not firing even after pushing buttons. Try brining up the diagnostics screen (CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-M) and there’s an ‘outstanding calls’ (or something) section there. This will list the things you’ve told your ship to do that haven’t made it to the server yet. Should help you work out what your internet is up to.

As for race of your EVE pilot, it makes no difference to anything these days.

(Morrigan Laima) #64

Unless you are an alpha clone, in which case, race dictates what ships you can fly, which is still kindof a big deal.

(Vulkyn) #65

Oh… we hand out free ships for all races! We’re not racists.

We’ll also condemn Nazis, because how hard is it to condemn Nazis?

(Vulkyn) #66

Lots of space paperwork to get through today…

(Vulkyn) #67

And of course there’s still more paperwork today. It never ends…

(Vulkyn) #68

We’re nearly back on track with paperwork. Let’s hope we stay on top of it…

(Vulkyn) #69

Technically back on track with paperwork!

(Vulkyn) #70

No longer back on track due to some tricky applications…

(Vulkyn) #71

Now we are truly back on track. Let’s see how long it lasts…

(Vulkyn) #72

Gankruitment went well last night. We killed not only AFK miners but also an NC. battleship. :smug:

(Juanlu16 DeGalicia) #73

I GOT REJECTED!why?didnt you say you want noobs?

(nicotania rustica) #74

I’m curious, does dbrb still fly these days?

(Vulkyn) #75

Sorry Juanlu16 DeGalicia we don’t reveal why we reject people - if we revealed what we’re looking for people would game the system.

Sorry nicotania rustica but DBRB does still fly and run fleets, despite our best efforts to avoid this. :wink:

(Vulkyn) #76

OK Game of Thrones has been watched, I can safely go on the internet now.

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(Vulkyn) #79

London Goon / Imperium meetup tomorrow!

(Vulkyn) #80

Meetup day!

BTW meetups are great and everyone should go to them. Go and check now and see if there’s one near you.