KarmaFleet - Come be a part of something big! [NEW PLAYERS] (EU/US/AU)

(Intar Medris) #41

Just out of curiosity what ships does Goonswarm typically fly? I have three toons two are exclusively industry, and my main is training more combat focused skills now. One of my alts could be trained for a fleet boosting role since he trained heavily towards leadership.

(Bodhi Enderas) #42

Just filling in my application now :slight_smile:

(Morrigan Laima) #43

Everything from T1 frigates up. New pilot friendly ships are almost always an option, either as part of a fleet, or as a supplemental fleet that takes part in a larger operation. Doctrines change with the meta and with our strategic goals, but right now our most used doctrines are FYF frigates (newbee-friendly EWAR frigates that are handed out as part of the free ship program), claws, jackdaws, hurricanes, and typhoons.

In the past, we’ve fielded megathrons, maelstroms, machariels, dominixes, and T3 cruisers, it all depends on what is the most effective given the meta and our goals. Sometimes those goals are winning at all costs, sometimes the goal is being able to sustain more losses than the enemy, and sometimes our goal is just to have fun.

(Vulkyn) #44

You forgot to mention Catalysts Morrigan :wink:

(Vantage Nyx) #45


(Henri Secheh) #46

Hello, looking to be logi pilot. I’m a at about 10 million skill points and it’s invested into the Amarr line mostly. I’ve never really tried my hand at healing as I was working my way up the missions in PvE and investing in drones. Do you have room for logi pilots and/or training?

(Intar Medris) #47

Have applied with my three active toons. Looking forward to being part of the real null sec.

(Vantage Nyx) #48

What is the time frame for the application process out of curiosity?

(Vulkyn) #49

We love logi pilots! We run classes both in how to be a regular logi pilot, and how to be the ‘logi anchor’ that runs the logi wing during fleets. We also have a Special Interest Group you can join if you’re interested in logi that runs these classes, talks logi all day, and even produces a line of T1 logi ships to hand out to new players (including Alphas).

As for application time: we normal review applications within 72 hours. However… there’s a war on, which it getting in the way of our space paperwork, so it’s taking up to twice as long right now :frowning:. We’re trying to catch up, and we will get around to everyone as soon as we can. Apologies for the delay.

(Henri Secheh) #50

Thanks for the update. Happy hunting.

(Vulkyn) #51

I’m afraid we’re still behind on the queue.

And it’s not going to help that the recruitment team is going ganking miners in highsec this evening.

Apologies if our ganking delays your app.

No apologies if our ganking blows up your mining barge. Maybe actively play the game, rather than AFK mining?

(Intar Medris) #52

I can’t AFK with with 3 toons. Especially with the new boosts. Keeps me very busy alt-tabbing between my two hulks.

(Morrigan Laima) #53

Indeed, lots of Catalysts, Talos, and Stealth Bombers for our highsec efforts. :slight_smile:

I’ve heard that’s how our recruiters keep their sanity with all the applications.

(Vulkyn) #54

Yeah… at the end of a week of paperwork, we need to go blow some stuff up. None of us can do real nullsec pvp, so we take advantage of miners who can’t shoot back instead :wink:

(Vulkyn) #55

Had a problem finding miners yesterday. Very quiet around Jita.

(Vulkyn) #56

Might have to road trip to find miners this week…

(Vulkyn) #57

Or we could just theorycraft something amusing to do instead…

(Xiao Liang) #58

Hello there,

I’m a new player to EVE, Alpha clone, and just started a day ago. At the time of me writing this, I still haven’t even completed the tutorial missions.

That said, after I finish the mission, I’m looking for a group to join. Most of the time I feel that I would be satisfied with being a miner, but if I had to fight I would prefer to use drones.

I’m gonna be busy the next few days, but I’ll come back and check up on this thread.

(Xiao Liang) #59

If anything, I don’t mind being something akin to a private contractor for mining. I could sell materials at a below market value to your group in exchange for a easy place to sell the things I mine or scavenge.

(Vulkyn) #60

Private mining contractor?

Well we do have buyback programmes, where we’ll buy pretty much anything you find in space (minerals, salvage, gas, etc etc) and pay you for them at a rate that’s slightly below the Jita price (as somebody has to ship them to Jita to sell, plus they want to make a few percent profit).

However we’re not that interested in people who will only mine and sell stuff to the buyback programme. We want people to join in our community, come on some PvP fleets, maybe build some ships for our newbies, come gank with us, hang out in our social channels, and generally hang out with us.

Sorry if I’ve misinterpreted your intentions, but I wasn’t going to miss the chance to mention that we really really like our community!