Kenshin Industries. Wants YOU for High Sec PVE and Industry

Kenshin Industries. corp is a new team created by the makers of Kenshin. and Kenshin Katana.

I am currently re-booting the corp after taking a break

We are looking for dedicated individuals and groups from all timezones to join our Corporation and Greater Community. We are also recruiting corporations that are looking for a safe home to live and prosper in.

We are based in Caldari High Sec and are War Immune

Our main activities include:
Mining / Industry / Mission Running / PVE / Abyssal Sites / PVP / Wormhole / Exploration

We encourage Mission Running for Caldari Navy to increase our standings with them, reduce the charges we pay for using their stations.

There is the option for individuals to enlist in Caldari Militia and do Faction Warfare and State Protectorate Missions and PVP with the other corps in our community. You can join and leave Faction Warfare at your leisure. NPSI fleets are allowed. We do not have many blues, but we ask that you do not shoot our blues during such fleets.

We have access to great mining of Ore, Ice, and Gas. We also have a station and Ctiadels with all the facilities for every kind of Industry Opportunity you seek. We also have an extensive collection of Researched Blueprint Originals. We also have moon mining Athanors with weekly moon ore mining ops, which are profitable.

- New Player Friendly
- No Minimum SP
- Alpha’s Welcome
- Active Community In All Timezones
- All Training And Support Provided
- Corp Buyback Program
- Corp Logistics Service
- Veterans Welcome
- ALTS Welcome

We have a high sec staging system that is close to Jita.
We operate in The Forge and Black Rise regions.

In-Game Chat Channel: Kenshin.
Our Killboard: Kenshin Industries. | Corporation | zKillboard
Our Discord: Kenshin Shogunate.

Our goal is to become a corporation with strong Industrial Power and strong internal bonds and friendships with each other. We aim to have activity and leadership in all timezones in the way we have already been successful in the other corps in our Community. We want to be the best at what we do, and we need you in the team to make this dream a reality.

Our initial membership goal was to reach 50 chars in the team. Our next goal is to reach 100, and following that, our next goal is to reach 300 members. The sky is the limit. We look to create a friendly, comfortable and supportive community of players that work together in teams.

We ask that members are active on discord, be polite and kind to fellow members, and the greater comminity. Agressive or Abusive Behaviour will NOT be tolerated. We understand that real life comes first, we only ask that members make us aware when they are going to be away for long periods of time.

We are the executor corp of Kenshin Shogunate. alliance

We have ships and ship fittings to suit players of all experiences. We also provide opportunities for players to progress into low sec / faction warfare pvp and null sec pvp.

We have an extensive network of connections and friends that will assist us, buy, sell and trade with us. We work closely with the Caldari Militia, particularly United Caldari Space Command [UCSC], however we are not limited to trading with them.

We would love you to join our Community <3

Join our discord and chat to a recruiter today!

All Applications Start Here:

Make sure the first time you log in, you log in with your main character.

Then go the dashboard and add all characters on all accounts. This means linking them to your main character, not creating new accounts for each character:

You can now apply in game, and send an EVE Mail to Jessica Firestrorm to let me know you have applied.

Additionally please register all your charactered here:

Then click the eye icon under characters

Once you are in the corporation, and the dashboard shows that your character is in the corp (this may take up to 24 hours) You will need to link your discord via the following page: Login - Kenshin.





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