Kenshin. is Recruiting (All TZ's)

The Infamous Kenshin. corp are back in action!


We are looking for dedicated individuals or groups from all timezones to join our Corporation.

We currently have 100+ members and are looking to expand further.
Our current memberbase covers all timzones.

We live in 0.0 Etherium Reach and are a part of SLYCE alliance.

We have SRP and Corp Buyback programs.
We have a logistics team that will move your stuff to and from Jita.
10 Million SP Minimum

Our main activities include PVP, PVE, Mining and Industry.
As a collective we are training for triglavian ships for combat ops.

Our Killboard: Kenshin. | Corporation | zKillboard

Our Discord: Kenshin. 2.0

Recruitment is still open…




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