Kenshin. is Recruiting (Active 0.0 PVP in all TZ's)

The Infamous Kenshin. corp are back in action!


We are looking for dedicated individuals or groups from all timezones to join our Corporation.

We currently have 200+ members and are looking to expand further.
Our current memberbase covers all timzones.

We live in 0.0 Vale of the Silent and are a part of FRT alliance. Some of us are also involved in Caldari Militia Faction Warfare. This is an optional enlistment for those that want to be involved, and is not mandatory

We have SRP and Corp Buyback programs.
We have a logistics team that will move your stuff to and from Jita.
20 Million SP Minimum

Our main activities include PVP, PVE, Mining and Industry.
As a collective we are training for triglavian ships for combat ops.

Winter Coalition and FRT Alliance Rules: WinterCo Ruling - Google Docs
Winter Coalition Welcome Page: Winter Coalition - 凛冬联盟百科

Our Killboard: Kenshin. | Corporation | zKillboard
Our Discord: Kenshin Shogunate.
Our In-Game Public Chat: Kenshin.

Kenshin. has a long history of success in pvp and teamwork building. We have been in several alliances but the most noteable ones are as follows:

Against ALL Authorities Against ALL Authorities | Topalltime | Alliance | zKillboard we are still 25th for all time kills
Northern Coalition. Northern Coalition. | Topalltime | Alliance | zKillboard we are still 47th for all time kills
DARKNESS. DARKNESS. | Topalltime | Alliance | zKillboard we are still 1st for all time kills
The Initiative. The Initiative. | Topalltime | Alliance | zKillboard we are still 44th for all time kills
Solyaris Chtonium Solyaris Chtonium | Topalltime | Alliance | zKillboard we are still 43rd for all time kills
Fraternity. we are currently 31st for all time kills and working our way up.

Our overall goal is to be a corporation that individually packs the punch of a small alliance, has activity and leadership in all timezones and continues to set new records and gain reputation for our combat prowess.

Our membership goal is to reach 300 chars in the team, then 300 real people in the team, then 1000 members. The sky is the limit. We look to create a friendly and comfortable and supportive community of players that work together in teams.

We would like to one day be the top corp in FRT.

We ask that members have 20+ mil SP, are active on discord and mumble, try to get at least 10 kills per month, and join as many fleets as possible. Fleet Activity Tracking is done by the Fleet Commanders. We understand that real life comes first, we only ask that members make us aware when they are going to be away for long periods of time.

We fly a long list of doctrines and ships, as we believe that it is important to have the right tool for every job :slight_smile:

If you love to blow up things and want to be in one of the top 100 PVP Corps in the game, We are the corporation you are looking for.

Join our discord and chat to a recruiter today!

All Applications Start Here:

Make sure the first time you log in, you log in with your main character.

Then go the dashboard and add all characters on all accounts. This means linking them to your main character, not creating new accounts for each character:

Please speak to a recruiter after creating an application form. You cannot apply in game, you will need to be invited manually after all screening and interview is done.

Additionally please register all your charactered here:

Then click the eye icon under characters

Once you are in the corporation, and the dashboard shows that your character is in the corp (this may take up to 24 hours) You will need to link your discord via the following page: Login - Kenshin.

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Open for recruitment



Still open for recruitment

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Im down

Please see the EVE mail i sent you buddy :slight_smile:


Intital post updated with additional information

Recruitment is still open


recruiting now