KIA Alliance is looking for active EU and USTZ corps to join our Community. Formed from a core group of active players, that have been playing as far back as 04. We wanted to bring back the community-based game play, where dudes weren’t just a Number, dudes helped each other, and where corporations and its representatives mattered in the direction and future of a groups progress. So, if that sounds good to you read on!

KIA is newly forming and building up. Great time to hop onboard and be part of the building process!

Becoming a Member Corporation:

Becoming part of a Family Like Community. We got your Back!! (smaller groups make for every member matters)

Isk making opportunities for your members. Just because our name isn’t on the map doesn’t mean we don’t have a place to sit. We are currently crashing in a decent part of Sov 0.0 while we build up!

Experience for the inexperienced. We’ll help support and teach dudes the aspects of EvE they want to get into.

We have Supers, but its not the only gameplay we explore.

Fleets: Objectives and non-objectives. Be Ready to grab a ship and head out.

What we are looking for:

Active Corps: While we want to open it up to all, 1-man corps probably won’t do.

Corps willing to assist with the building the blocks it takes to make an alliance work.

Corps willing to adjust skill plans to support the alliance.

We have pretty relaxed requirements because we want people who want to play the game and be part of the community. All corps will be considered equally!!

Life: Check out our main Corp site to see videos of events in EvE we been part of. As well as our CEO fcing!

Take the Leap and join up and be part of the building Blocks of an alliance. Be more than a number. Contribute to what you want, plenty of opportunities!


JOIN “KIA_Diplo”


Hannah Pares


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Looking for new and Experienced Corps!


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Welcome new Friends


How many people in Corp?

Think you might be in the wrong forum, this is for alliances looking for corps, not corps looking for members.

If you do want details on corps numbers then and just use the search bar

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No hurt in chatting and seeing what we can do for each other!

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BUMP!!! Great time for people to join grabbing sov and building up!


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