Looking for Corp of Allies

Just getting into Eve and have enjoyed it thus far, so now I am searching for a corporation to make some friends (as well as a few ISK)!

Timezone: CST (Central Standard Time), Iowa, USA
Looking for: Anything really, want to find a fleet to add my skills to
Talents: Very strategic/goal oriented, leader, RP experience (if needed)
Current Space: Caldari pilot

Thank you for looking at my post and I look forward to hearing back from you all.

Hi Liviticus,

B0SS Alliance is recruiting! We are a USTZ based null sec pvp alliance currently staging from Venal. We are recruiting and looking for cool people to join us.



o/ Liviticus

Welcome back to eve. You should check out what we have to offer at Dark 0rder. We get alot of returning players and can quickly get you back to the top of your game. We are mainly UStz so you won’t ever be online alone and we have a large variety of content available including Nullsec and Wormhole space. Check out more info at this link:

I hope to see you pop into our discord for more info.


:smiley::wave: @Liviticus_Azinger

Hi and wellcome to the eve online community :+1::rocket:

Nice to see that you have enjoyed eve so far and i hope that the learning curve is not to hard on you :open_book:

I like that you added that picture to the post here :+1:
It made it a little more charming and good looking.

I am developing an idea of mine and would like to raise some awareness of it.

If it catches your interest then do contact me so i can tell you more about it.

With kind regards,

Tryme Trymsson

We are looking for members!

Hey check out Mcav and see if we are a good fit for you.

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