US Looking for small close knit corp for newbro

Hello and thanks for checking out this post first of all!

I see multiple of these posted and so many recruitment posts it is just very overwhelming. So I decided to post one myself and see what happens.

A little about me first, I am a newbro to EVE and I try to play most nights when I am feeling up for it. I am a dad to triplets so my life is very hectic and always comes first. When I play games I may play every night for a week but then may take a week off depending on how life is going. So I am casual, but go after it hard when I am in the zone. I have been playing EVE for a few weeks consistently and enjoying it. I am US TZ and sitting at around 2.9m SP currently.

I joined one of the major Corps, but it is just not my style. Too many people, too much going on. While I appreciate what they have done for me so far, I am just not enjoying it overall. Especially being limited to what I can and cannot do in certain areas. I have always enjoyed smaller groups in any multiplayer game. But my usual group is not interested in EVE so it is time for me to branch out.

I have enjoyed everything I have dabbled into so far in EVE, albeit not much. I have loved exploration, enjoyed ratting and PVE in general (except in drone space lol), tried my hand at some abyssals, trying to train up to try gas huffing, and would love to do some PVP, (rolling zergs are not my thing though). So I am open to anything and all the content that I can do and learn.

If you think your Corp might be the right match let me know! And thanks for your time!

Discord > teamspeak/mumble

If you want to do casual stuff in high-sec we are pretty active in the in game chat and usually 5-10 on discord voice.

We are looking for new members!

We might fit the bill.


I think we will be the right fit for you. We are new player friendly and have helped many new players on their way in eve.

We have weekly fleets, ship replacement program, ore and hanger buy back etc. Ranks titles corp reward etc.

G Buzz Inc is an Exploration / Security Mission corp mainly.

We are a tax shelter 1% tax (to pay Corp Office space )

PM me G Buzz or my Alt Cas Aiger in game.

We offer much more but am a small personal Corp.

I myself have recently returned to the game after a break.

Looking to rebuild corp - get more active members etc

Hope to c u soon.