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I have to say you are right, and the repair ship mode is interresting for cita, and easy way of services. But you can’t use them to fight really. It is more a support than anything else.

Only the time, not the day, yeah i understood. And you have like 1 day and a half to call back up. So shield remoove, then armor after what 22 hours ? Then structure ? So in 2 days you remoove every cita in the system. —> when the attacker want You don’t have any control as defender on when for the final battle.

So the idea of having big fights will turn into : bashing remooval fast fast fast. No fight.

The timmer is not an issue, the trick is : you can’t now put different days on different citadels to prepare “rescue citas”. They will all fall down and i am sure the guys who will use the new system will just plane correctly an operation when they want and even if they have to wake up at 3 in the morning, they will do it for dps, 20-30 minutes only and then 1-2 guys who are not working will loot everything.

An eviction who was a true adventure for a week with big fights will become just a regular operation with only money interrest done in 2-3 days.

I was part of eviction attack side, both side had an amazing fight. It was a real adventure for both side ----> a one week almost 2 week adventure. With a systme like this a story like that will never be told. We had the amazing fight, we had some cita destructions, and at the end they saved their assets and 1 cita was remaining, untouched. Fair for defenser who fighted really well. Taking time for an eviction is part of the game bcse you have the true game behind : hole control, the call of friends, the fights for the hole control. Everything around only the cita bash. This patch remoove that.

And what we have now ? 1 month to change the hour only ? Really ? I agree the 1 week needed to be changed. But for days of structure. Now there is non sense of having a nerf like this only to change the hour. They won’t have time to change anything anyway, bcse you kill the citas in 3 days. You can put back the 1 week change.

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Sadly no this is not the case. If it was just the time, people would be complaining exactly the same way. “I’m not getting up at 3am to defend my station.” would be the response. Just a different version of the same outrage.

Everyone wants a sandcastle and they want ideal conditions to defend it. Anything else is heresy. People are outraged, EVE is dying, CCP are idiots. Rinse and repeat.

I completly don’t agree with you. CCP try new things, it was for long time really good improovements and now they tests some stuff. Eve is not dying, people in eve are truelly super sensitiv, normal eve is an emotionnal game and yeah, tell me what i got wrong with the new mecanic.

Thanks for advice, thought with this change coming it is pointless to test it.

I was not aware that you can hack the citadel, is this a new feature? I used to bash citadels one and half year ago, don’t tell me it was there at that time already.

So for WH:

The first reinforcement is a minimum of 24 hours, not 1.5 days (assuming wormhole. it’s still 24 hours in other space too)

The defender chooses an hour. (lets say Noon. I know it’s not realistic, but it doesn’t need to be)

The attacker could:

attack and reinforce just before this hour (Lets call it 1 hour before.) So at 11am on Monday.

The structure comes out of its first reinforcement cycle 22-28 hours later. (3 hour jitter.) Lets assume it’s at the 28 hour mark.

That would be 3pm on Tuesday.

Reinforce it again and you now have a delay of at least 1.5 days. (36 hours.) This takes you up to 3am on Thursday. so you come out at noon +/- 3 hours on Thursday. so 3 PM at worst.


I believe it’s been around since day one but not 100% sure on that. I wont tell you that it was there one and a half years ago either :crazy_face:

It really helps. I suggest a dedicated toon not affiliated with your bashing corp flying a ECHELON with a Sansha Data Analyzer. It’s a bit pricey for this dedicated role but it lets you burn through any hack in one try 95% of the time (I’m guessing), Just watch out for Trig patrols as they will eat that ship alive…lost two sadly due to my lazyness…

This is what i said 2 days and a half or 3 days. If you read carefully :

The 1.5 is for structure. So despite of having 1 week or 3-4 days if guys prepared well the attack, you will have 64 hours divided by 24 = 2.6 for a max 28 hours for armor. Lets say 3 days.

Ok then read everything i wrotte, you can’t choose the day, so every cita are vulnerable in structure at the same time.

Eviction = 3 days. over. And the guys has to come back 2 times only. And we are not speaking about Low power one. You see a low power, you shoot, you come 1.5 days later, you finish. Yes it will be super efficient to clean space.

I hope the server will then work better and you don’t need anymore to do any dt. Then i won’t have those constent socket close.

I wasn’t responding to you?

Removed some off topic posts.

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I know it will continue. But let the combat players kill each other. In many other games I can set a flag for PvP, and if it isn’t set I can’t be targeted. I am not saying no combat, nor PvP, I am saying let the me make a choice as to whether I want to play the PvP part of the game.


My bad

I don’t have to ask anyone. My Corp went from several dozen to two in a year. We are industry players. They left in frustration. The majority of them had multiple Omegas, Moin had 19. I am not calling for people to leave, I believe they will leave on their own to a more hospitable environment for our style of play.


I am saying that if I don’t want do PvP combat I should have the option. The market for PvP is one that I am happy to fill. Let me have the option as in some other games to set a PvP flag, even on structures. I am think it would be reasonable for the flag to have a LONG cooldown, like a month. To keep people from using it as defensive tool.

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Ok… and?
My nullsec alliance is still thousands strong and each day more newbros are entering industry.

So whatever we lose from you guys, we already more than handily make up for newer incoming players. Especially those who realize how lucrative is now that there is less competition.

Turns out some kids can’t cut it. :woman_shrugging:

I was in Circle of Hell, and Skill UR Self. We rented NEU-UD. I am in High Sec, to decide where I am going next in SovSpace.

Wow, a single system. You must have had SUCH a huge impact on the game’s economy.

I never said I personally had any effect on the economy. Just talking about Industry players in general.

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