Welcome to the Kill Mode Activated Recruitment!
ESI verification required!
Proud member of the Army of Mango Alliance!
Our alliance is primarily Chinese players, but my Corporation is primarily American!
Our alliance holds it own sovereignty in Omist!
Be prepared to use Google Translator or your own preferred Translation program/website, as the alliance conducts operations in Chinese.

Currently recruiting all pilots!
Top pay for Ore for Miners!
Lots of Rats to kill for Bounties!
Multiple PvP fleets available 24/7!
Industrial opportunities available!
Ship Replacement Program for alliance coordinated events, if you provide your ESI for your character through our Army of Mango website!

By applying, you are submitting yourself to background verification services and all applicants will be thoroughly screened prior to application acceptance. Upto 24 hours maybe required to finish the application investigation.

The following is not allowed while in the Corporation and some are also illegal under the Eve Online Terms of Service and any of these actions will lead to immediate removal from the corporation and reported to CCP if it is illegal:
Real Money Trades
Friendly Fire
Scamming Corporation members or alliance members
Cheating of any form

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ESI Verification required!

Grow with us!

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Still Recruiting! ESI verification required!

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All pilots welcome!

Still Recruiting!

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