Kingdom of Bretonia looking for miners

The Kingdom of Bretonia is a small industrial corporation made up of new players. We are presently in the process of joining a low/null sec alliance, and will be setting up a station, stocking it, and establishing an industry in that space. We are looking for miners who would like to learn and grow with us.

If you happen to be interested in recruiting, additional financial opportunities are available, and can be put into a contract.

Currently with 8 members, our short term goals for the Kingdom are to find a recruiter to help with recruitment (as stated above), and grow the Kingdom to 15 - 20 members.

Officers need to be selected, with preference going toward those who demonstrate maturity, tact, and are regularly online.

Mining Ops are ran several times daily. Rolls such as hauler, miner, accountant, op-director are all in need.

The corp in general also has a need for FC’s

Upon moving to null sec, a station will need to be built or selected if existing, and stocked with everything our pilots will need to maintain operations. As an industrial corp, we will attempt to manufacture most of what we need on site through our mining operations.

While we are industrial players and miners, upholding call-to-arms of the alliance, and defending our home territory will be necceary, and so training will be provided members in pvp combat.

If any of this interests you, please pm or message me in game!

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