Kingdom of Bretonia - A C4 3/5 Pular New-Bro friendly WH corp

Kingdom Of Bretonia is a 0% tax WH corp- living in a c4 WH with a C3 and C5 static.

We are a libertarian corp. We try to lead by consensus and free members to make their own decisions. Promotions and Officer commissions are based on time invested into the corp, and experience and willingness to take on responsibility.

We run PVP roams and C5 combat sites a couple times a week. We operate in the NA and EU tz.

Send me an in game mail or join our discord if interested to talk to a recruiter:
Discord: Kingdom of Bretonia


Thats a wonderful idea. I am no industrialist but if you folks open a public chat then I would certainly hang around

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That is a really great idea. Im mute myself and looking for a corp since my beginnings in Eve. Never got an answer.

Will definitely shoot you a message when im back online.


I sent you an invite Naveelea


The Kingdom of Bretonia just yesterday joined an alliance. This gives us access to NULL, a C3 WH, and protection for our stations should we choose to build one.

We have 10 pilots now, and are growing by about 1-2 pilots a day.

We do daily gas huffing fleet which earn each pilot about 40m isk per hour with a T1 venture fit.

Daily bump :slight_smile:

The Kingdom is up to 14 members! A few new and a few old. The hours of our members is very spread out which I think is good since it means there is always someone online when you come on regardless of the time of day!

Hi everyone!

The Kingdom of member is up to 21 members!

We now have members from Colorado, Montana, Wisconsin, the EU, Lithuania, and the UK! We have members active from 6am when the server is restarted to midnight when I go to bed. Not sure who’s on between midnight and 6am!

We’ve managed to bring in a few old vets and a few noobs. We could use a few more though so please shoot me a message if you are interested in WH life!

Saturday morning bump :slight_smile:

Our Kingdom is up to 27 members now. 3 of them are veteran pilots, but the most of us are pretty new and just figuring out WH life.

Put in an app and send me a message if you are interested or have questions

Our Kingdom is up to 31 members! We need more though in order to have enough members online at all hours of the day in enough quantity to be able to arrange fleet operations.

Message me if you are interested as I am working from home today.

As you can see from the below “Last online” info, we are truly round-the-clock active :slight_smile: I hope we can continue this growth momentum and build a group of players who will overcome trials together, and grow in skill and game knowledge

This is a phenomenal idea. I kinda want to join out of shear wholesomeness. :thinking:


I like a lot the idea !! I am a casual player, do you think it could work ?

It seems to be working! We are growing at a rate of like 3-5 a day. Perhaps closer to 2-3 when you include alts tho.

Either way at this rate I am confident we can build up a force large enough to run multiple ops a day. One during the day for the british/EU TZ, and one in the evening for the American TZ.

I am interested to join your corp :slight_smile:

Corp invite sent :slight_smile:

Today our corp has grown to 35 members! We have created a corp discord for those who wish to chat outside of corp.

Daily Bump. We are now at 37 members!

Hello, I am an old hand, hear after about an 8 year hiatus looking for a corp and happened across this post. In my old age I’ve developed a severe distaste in voice comms but I’d like to still be a part of something. I’m thinking this is right up my alley.

Where you guys based out of