Kingdom of Bretonia - A C4 3/5 Pular New-Bro friendly WH corp

That sounds great Low Effort! I’ve sent you an invite in game.

I’d prefer not to say the name of our C2, but I can say we have a HS static, and a C3 static. Today, we are 19 jumps from Jita, and 3 from Dodixie.

Our C2 has 6 planets.

Our corp has been pretty actively today during the EU timezone. We seem a bit quiet in the USA evening TZ though. I hope to bring in more Americans to fix that.

Daily bump!

We are up to 41 members.

Really interesting idea, I am returning player of 2014 (just played 3-4months), currently 13M SP

My timezone is UTC+7 (southeast Asia) so it is a bit off from you guys, but I am still interested.

Currently, stay at High Sec, like to do abyssal and a bit of mining, and still find a way to fund my PVP, oh by the way I am just shy :slight_smile:

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Daily bump. We are now up to 44 members :slight_smile:

Daily Bump :slight_smile:

Bump! We are up to 45 members :slight_smile:

Bump :slight_smile:

I am interested in joining your corporation.

I am interested in joining. My activity level won’t be super high for awhile, my mother just passed away so very busy with estate, but should be able to get in here and there till things settled.

This corp is a great idea, I am new to eve and probably don’t have enough sp but I would like to join. I do have a slight problem with my speech and do shy away from the mikes but I am a great listener. Thank you for your time.

Been thinking recently about coming back to Eve. Are there any activity requirements? Between career and family I don’t always have time to get on video games, sometimes have month long or longer stretches without playing.

No activity requirements. I’ve also been busy with work. I know how it is

Daily Bump!

Send me or our director “Alex Gourdian” an in game mail if you’d like to discuss joining! Or just apply and we will reach out.

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I must say, I am very impressed you have taken the time to create such a Corp!

Amazing inclusivity!

Kudos & respect. o7

Fly safe.


Thank you Shadow! We are still quite small ATM. We are going to be running L3 missions tomorrow 2 hours after downtime. You and everyone reading are welcome to tag along!

That’s fantastic to read, hope you are all having a blast!

Daily Bump! We are at 48 members atm. Our busiest times are in the mornings US TZ / Evenings Europe TZs. At our peak we have 10-12 members on.

I am hoping to get us to 75-100 members within the next couple weeks.

Amazing idea! i wish you and all those in it all the best!

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Another day, another bump :slight_smile: PM me or Alex Gourdian for invite! Or just go ahead and apply and we will reach out!