Kingdom of Bretonia - A C4 3/5 Pular New-Bro friendly WH corp

Hey everyone! We had our first fleet op today! You can check out our battle report at Battle Report Tool

We plan to run ops at 1800 Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays Eve Time. This coming Tuesday we will be doing a WH Roam, and on Thursday a mining op. I’m not sure what we will be doing next weekend.

We are mostly Europeans in the corp ATM who are online in the mornings and afternoons during the US TZ. Once we get some more Americans we will try to schedule ops during evening US TZ as well.

Thanks for reading and hopefully talk to you in game!


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Thank you :slight_smile:

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Morning all. We are at 51 members now. We need more!


Hi everyone. We are at 56 members now. We got a little war with a small corp who is trying to evict us from our C2 but I am confident we will win with the help of our friends

Pm or Mail me if you would like to join!

Good morning everyone. We are now at 59 members! Our enemy corp built a POS in our WH last night, but luckily we and some friends managed to destroy it last night! Amarr Control Tower Small | The Unbound. | Killmail | zKillboard

We are still looking for new members so message me if you are interested!

See below list of last online to assess our pilot activness


Woop woop, grats on your defence!

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Just out of interest, do you require discord for comms or is it all in-game chat channel based? Thanks :slight_smile:

We do have a discord, but it’s used only to communicate when players are not in game. It’s also not required. Nothing is “required” in this corp. No voice comms at all, even for ops.

When in game it’s 100% corp chat based.

Edit, this is now a voice corp. Sorry guys. My mind has been changed on the topic of comms


Morning everyone! Here is a beautiful screenie of our ongoing mining op this morning and yes I have graphics at minimum, sorry! My old Nvidia GTX 1070 just isn’t as spry as it used to be

We are still recruiting!


Hi everyone. We are at 60 pilots now! Still recruiting though :slight_smile:


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Bump! We are at 62 members now

Daily bump. We are now at 64 members!

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We are currently at 63 members. Tomorrow we plan to do some Faction Warfare at 1700 Eve Time. Join us if you like!

What faction are you with, Cleopatra?

We have not decided on a faction actually. My plan is to get the fleet together at 1700 tomorrow, and then try to figure out as a group what factions we have access to. I personally have the reputation to join any faction, but I know that our FC is negative standing with Amarr so that seemed to be ruled out lol

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