Kingdom of Bretonia - A C4 3/5 Pular New-Bro friendly WH corp


We had to cancel today’s FW op today since the server crashed just as we were starting out lol. We can try again same time Tuesday though!

Neither deaf or mute… not even shy… but do sure prefer to write.

Im just getting back into the game after 8 years or something of absence. And looking for some laidback corp

give me a message in game. ( lunch break at work = checking for a corp in eve)

And i will join in for a chat when im online.

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Sounds good Weedy! Invite has been sent :slight_smile:

Bump! We are now at 68 pilots.

Hi everyone!

So today our corp did our first FW op. 9 of our pilots got together in T1 frigates and signed up with Caldari. We were doing okay, but there was not many targets… that is until a fleet of Destroyers warped in on us and merced us| Still we had a good time and learned quite a bit. I’m proud of our corp for being good sports about it. I think we will avoid FW though in the future since we are a WH group and I think we can learn more from WH/LS pvp.


On Thursday we hope to run some Combat sites, and then on Saturday we are going to have a T1 frigate corp pvp tournament to gain more PVP experience. In the future I was thinking we could also do a Cruiser PVP tourney, and a Battleship tournament. Will try to keep you all updated on how the T1 frig tournament goes.

Thanks for Reading!


Daily bump! we are now at 70 pilots


Bump! We are now at 74 pilots!

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Today we did our first corp pvp tourney! We all flew t1 frigates with meta 1-4 modules and a price cap of 50m.

The bracket results are below. Congrats to THE CHEESE MAKER on his victory and his Breacher fit. Our members learned a lot from these duals and I hope we can continue to learn more in our future tournaments.


The specific fights:

Kestrel | Elohenne Gallianate | Killmail | zKillboard ← this one was a draw leading to a self destruct
Tormentor | Firebirdie | Killmail | zKillboard
Breacher | James Fuchs | Killmail | zKillboard

Next Saturday we will be running a corp t1 Cruiser 1 v 1 tourney. Price cap will be 50m. Hope to see you there!!


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Hello Cleo! I’d love to join the corp if you’ll have me :slight_smile:

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Today was a rough day for our corp.

We started out in a fleet of 7 harassing a c4 corp (i know dumb). We managed to chase them into their station and then sat outside their station a bit. Took a couple pot shots at it but didn’t commit really to attacking it.

After that the fleet broke up and headed back to our C2. One of our Praxis pilots was running combat sites and they caught him alone and killed him.

After that one of our pilots had a Typhoon Fleet issue sitting at the gate cloaked in our C2, and he saw a single t3 cruiser jump in. He asked for assistance so I grabbed my raven and began warping to him. At that point 4 more T3 cruisers uncloaked and attacked him. By the time I arrived he was pretty much dead. They finished him off

I tried to warp out at that point but they tackled me and killed me too.

Our pods made it out luckily.

Then for good measure they popped our random venture mining in our c2 lol

They were good sports about it. I think we learned from this experience that C3s are OP!! Their ability to stay cloaked and pick the fight at their time and choosing is really strong. I think going forward our corp should focus less on BS and more on cloakies


Thanks for reading!

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Daily bump! We are now at 79 members.

Bump! We are now at 80 members!!

So today’s wh roam was short and catastrophic.

A group of us met up at our station at 1800 as always, and hopped in our ships. Our FC was unavailable today, so “NP I will run the op” I said to myself. Undocked the fleet, and noticed a Heron in our system… “What a great coincidence! Let’s go after him!” I said.

We went after him, and oddly enough he didn’t warp off when we got to him… instead he burned away out of range of our webs and warp disrupters… We chased him for a good 3-4 minutes trying to catch up with him to tackle him.

Then we noticed a Legion jump into the system… We figured it must be the friend of the Heron, but there were 5-6 of us, so we decided this could be a good fight. The Legion jumped on my pvp fit 40k ehp Stratios and I told the fleet to attack. I webbed him and, warp disrupted him, and put neuts and drones on him. Ran my Armor repair and Aux armor repair and was tanking him just fine. Got him to 50% armor…

Then like 5 more of his buddies jumped in. A HIC put up a anti warp bubble, and they proceeded to engage me. At this point I figured I was a goner, and our fleet started to try to make their escape. 3 of us made it back to station safely while the other 3 of us died in a blaze of glory still trying to get that 1st T3c.

Our frigate pilot went down first.

Next to go down was our Stealth Bomber pilot

And a minute later, I died as well.

We managed to make it out in our pods and get back to station. That was the end of that op lol

Looking back on our decisions, it is pretty clear that Heron was a bait. He was burning away from us without warping in order to keep us in position and give his friends time to arrive from HS. It’s clear to me now that we should not be trying to chase small ships that are acting suspiciously such as not warping. I think it was also dumb of me to choose to take the fight with that single legion we saw. I should have known it would not be a single Legion coming for us, but rather a whole fleet.

I am kind of proud of my stratios for it’s performance in the fight against that one t3c. His armor seemed to be going down, and my armor seemed to be pretty stable with the two repairs going. I should have used 800 cap boosters instead of 400 though, and I also should have had a Afterburner so that I could be a bit more mobile. As it stands I was afraid to use my MWD for fear of capping myself, and I could only move at like 180ms.

It seems like everyone we are fighting are pros who out number us, out skill us, and have far superior ships. I think we are going to see a lot more death in the coming months as we wait for our fleet members to get the skills they need to fly T3s. I’m proud of our corp for being good sports about it, but as today’s FC I am disappointed with myself for getting them killed and not seeing the signs of an obvious bait. Hopefully things will be better next time we do a WH roam.

Thanks for reading!!


Bump! We have around 3 ops each week, join us! let’s make it 100 members soon!


Sounds like you’re all having fun, getting lots of action and learning along the way! I enjoy reading your updates, keep up the great work out there :slight_smile:

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I appreciate the encouragement Dharmananda! It’s nice to show what we do, and even more so, I look forward to years from now being able to look back at the history of our corp and its growth. I hope someday we can have some successful ops where we actually win a battle lol

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I thought the same thing! not that I am mute myself but I find it’s really hard for people who are mute to join any corp in this game without them immediately assuming you’re a spy.

I’m not mute or deaf but do suffer from PTSD depression and anxiety …this is such a great idea as i hate being on comms … can you send me some info to this character ingame please