Kingdom of the Forgotten Suns - Everyone is Welcome!

Kingdom of the forgotten suns is a new corp, currently operating out of a C2 wormhole with intent to move to C3/C4 in the near future.
All Players welcome be you Alpha, Omega, New, Old or Returning to New Eden!
As a new corp we are looking for all types of capsuleers to help us grow and expand, such as PvP, PvE, miners, industrialists, logistics, etc…

We can offer you:

-Mining fleets w/orca boosts and support.
-PvP fleets.
-PvE be it exploration or mission running.
-0% Tax on our services in our station be it research or Manufacturing
-Support to our new players be it for skill books, help with fits, advice.

We have no SP requirements to join so you don’t need to worry about how many skill points you have or if you cant fly a certain ship, we are a light hearted and friendly bunch, like to have a laugh and a joke.
All we ask is that you have:
-a headset, mic and discord.

Join the discord to apply or message in game.

We are still open for recruiting and looking forward to meeting more people!

Still growing strong and looking for more members!

Still open for recruitment!

We are recruiting once again!

Hi there,

What time zone do you guys mainly play in?

Intrested. Pm me.

interested Pm ingame

We have some members in the EU but most of our members are central time.

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