Stellar Spectre Collective is recruiting!

Message from the CEO:

Greetings capsuleers. Recruiting is open for any and all who are interested in experiencing everything New Eden has to offer. We at SSC are teamed up with 3 other corporations as an unofficial alliance to grow and learn together which comes with certain perks you can make use of from day one.

A few things we have to offer:

  • One of the strongest team ethics in New Eden.
  • Full access to manufacturing and several moon mining ops with local ice belts.
  • PvE L4 Mission access to all Caldari agents and more.
  • An encouraging environment for learning small and large scale PvP.

If this interests you, please message me in-game for more information and/or with any questions you may have. Are you ready to reshape New Eden into the galaxy you wish it to be?

See you among the stars o7

Paragon K

Recruitment is still open to any interested capsuleers!

hello o7
what exactly do you mean missions career?

also what time zone are you in?

Hello Kali.

For the time being, my corp is focused on PvE content such as agent missions, exploration, etc. SSC members are scattered across North America from Pacific time to Eastern standard (I’m the EST guy). If you’re interested, I suggest checking out the ingame ad which has more info.

Fly safe o7

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recruitment is still open!

Every day is recruitment day! :slight_smile:

CEO and team, ready and willing to train new pilots. Everyone else is welcome to apply as well!

Interested in allys

Thank you for your response. However, I believe it is prudent to get my corporation to a well established point before considering officially joining any alliance. But that being said, I presume that we could make a public channel that our corporations could freely communicate to test the waters so to speak. Send me a message ingame, if you might be interested in that.

Don’t bump miners, lets bump pirates instead!

Recruiting is still open for the coolest PvE Corporation in the galaxy! :grinning:

Daily Update: Recruiting still open!

We are growing steady and surely. Join SSC now to earn bragging rights to being in corp from the very beginning! It will be worth it when we own New Eden :wink:

Open recruiting is Open

Looking to recruit anyone willing to have a good time! SSC is still open!

Looking for a new home? Look no farther!

Looking for a corporate experience that dwarfs most others? SSC is your full throttle opportunity!

Recruitment daily upkeep!

Greetings potential applicants! The sooner you get your foot in the door, the sooner you can start flying!

Recruitment upkeep